Plans for U.S. “full spectrum dominance” via space technology are rapidly moving ahead.  Please help us by spreading the word about these important events:

Download Flyer (pdf format)

January 16-18, 2004
Waihopi Spybase Protest

Waihopai Valley, near Blenheim, New Zealand

The public face of New Zealand's role as an American ally is the NZ military presence in both Iraq and Afghanistan. But New Zealand's most significant contribution to those wars, and any other American wars, is the Waihopai spy base.

Join the pubic meeting and protest in Blenheim and at the spy base.

More details

January 24, 2004

Vandenberg Air Force Base

Download flyer (416KB PDDF file)

Bus Tour Brings Eyewitnesses from Iraq and Palestine

Date 12/30/03
Contact: MacGregor Eddy 831 754 5554 or 832 206 5043 mindful@r...
Wheels of Justice Bus, 773-505-1870

On Tuesday January 24 at 2 pm the Wheels of Justice Tour will join the Vandenberg Action Coalition at the peace vigil held the first Tuesday of every month at the front gate on the Vandenberg Air Force Base The gate is at the intersection of Highway one and the Lompoc-Casamila Road, six miles north of Lompoc...on a full-size, brightly-decorated school bus, the tour
brings first had witness accounts from Iraq and Palestine to challenge and educate Americans the
repercussions of war and occupation both on people abroad and Americans at home.

The tour travels on a converted school bus that doubles as a mobile billboard and peace center. In the past three years the bus has traveled more than fifty thousand miles to more than four hundred locations all over the United States.

Having seen and lived with war, terror and occupation in Iraq and Palestine, participants in the Wheels of Justice offer first-hand experience irrespective of partisan politics. Building upon the growing domestic and International movement against the war and occupation in both Iraq and Palestine, the Wheels of Justice Tour provides education, outreach, nonviolence/action training, active resistance, and community-building all across the United States.

For details on the tour, visit www.justicewheels.org

The tour is sponsored by Voices in the Wilderness (www.nonviolence.org/vitw/), the Palestine
Right to Return Coalition (www.Al-Awda.org), and the Middle East Children's Alliance
(www.mecaforpeace.org/) with support from affiliates of the International Solidarity Movement.
This tour is endorsed and hosted by a number of organizations; the first 7 month leg of this nationwide tour began in mid-August 2003.

MacGregor Eddy Vandenberg Peace Legal Defense Fund
po Box 5789 Salinas CA 93915-5789
telephone 831 754 5554 on week-ends use cell phone
831 206 5043 http://www.vpeaceldf.org

February 9, 2004
Stop Space Nukes Protest Vigil
Albuquerque, New Mexico
10:00 – 2:00 PM

at the

21th Annual Symposium on Space Nuclear Power & Propulsion
Albuquerque Hilton Hotel (1901 University Blvd NE)

Download flyer (415KB JPG file)

The nuclear rocket Project Prometheus is the brainchild of scientists attending this annual conference.  Each year representatives from the DoD, DoE, NASA, nuclear academia, and the aerospace industry come together to promote the expansion of nuclear power into space.  Join the Global Network as we again shed light on these dangerous plans, and protest the funding of continued research and development on nuclear reactors for space-based weapons, the nuclear rocket, and nuclear power for NASA’s space  missions.  NASA and the Pentagon have signed new agreements stating every space mission will be “dual use,” meaning each NASA project will carry military and civilian payloads.  NASA’s nuclear space shots are a Trojan Horse for the Pentagon.

More details

February 24, 2004
Rally for No More Nukes
Vote No on Assembly Bill 555

State Capitol, Wisconsin, Facing State Street

Wisconsin Assembly Bill 555, if passed, will encourage more Nuclear Power in Wisconsin AND increase the likelihood that the Wolf River Batholith in north central Wisconsin will become a high level nuclear waste repository.

AB 555 changes the 20 year old statutes which require that two conditions be met before a new nuclear power plant can be built in the Wisconsin. The two conditions are:

  • a nuclear waste storage facility must be in operation, and
  • that nuclear power must be economically advantageous to the ratepayer.

AB 555 would remove these clear, sensible guidelines which protect the public good.

AB 555 is part of a big push for more nuclear power plants in Wisconsin and nationwide. It is important to tell your Wisconsin Legislators your position on AB 555!

The time to express your opinion is now. Call, write, email and/or attend the hearing. The fate of AB 555 will have implications for many generations to come and should not be made without your input.

Wisconsin Nuclear Watchdog - call Judy: (608) 250 9240 or Claire: (609) 251 7020

More details

March 18, 2004
Missile Defence - Threats, Responses and Projections
University of Bradford, Yorkshire, England

Co-hosted by British American Security Information Council (BASIC) and Bradford Department of Peace Studies.

BASIC and Bradford Department of Peace Studies are co-hosting a Missile Defence Conference - 'Threats, Responses and Projections' - on the University Campus on Thursday 18 March 2004. This is an important imitative given that both Fylingdales radar station and Menwith Hill listening station, both located in the region, will play a significant role in US plans for missile defence.

We will bring together knowledgeable people in the field who will both make presentations and participate in Q&A sessions afterwards. We are also planning to host a 'Question Time' open meeting in the evening in Bradford town centre.

There will be no registration fee but we ask that people register in advance by sending names and representative organisations or groups to the Conference Organiser, Nigel Chamberlain (nchamberlain@basicint.org).

More details

March 19, 2004
Block the Base at Menwith Hill
Yorkshire, England

Non-violent blockade and demonstration at the world's biggest satellite spy base.

Organised by Yorkshire Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament and supported by CND, Trident Ploughshares and CAAB.

More details

See Also: Report from Blockade

March 20, 2004
Augusta, Maine

See: http://www.marchfortruth.org

March 26-28, 2004
International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One
San Francisco

This Inquiry intends to bring together, to share what they have learned with the world, independent researchers, questioners, seekers of evidence, authors, film-makers: all those who desire and work to discover the truth about September 11, 2001.

Oral presentations and films will take place in the historic Herbst Theatre in the War Memorial and Veterans Building. A nominal fee will cover plenary sessions. Additionally, meeting rooms will be available for registered participants who are researchers/activists to confer together; their findings will be brought before the public on Sunday afternoon, at the conclusion of the Inquiry.

Invited confirmed speakers include Bruce Gagnon from the Global Network - see/hear Bruce's interview here.

More details

Toronto, Canada - Phase 2 - June 2004

April 23-25, 2004
Global Network 12th Annual International Conference
Resisting Empire: Understanding the Role of Space in U.S. Global Domination
Portland, Maine

(click on above for poster - 434 KB pdf file)

2004 marks the 12th anniversary of the Global Network and each year we hold an international event in a different part of the world.  This year we will meet in Maine, the home of Bath Ironworks (BIW) where the Aegis Destroyer is built.  The Aegis is outfitted with interceptor missiles as part of the Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) system that will be “forward deployed” in the Middle East and used to surround China, which will of course build more nuclear weapons in response.  Representatives from peace groups worldwide will be in attendance to share their work to stop Star Wars.  Included in the events will be a protest at BIW.

This event is being cosponsored by Maine Veterans for Peace, Peace Action Maine, Pax Christi Maine, Maine WILPF, Witness for Peace Maine and Traprock Peace Center.

Now available: conference brochure -

(download brochure - 962 KB pdf file)

Directions to Woodfords Church

Also: Letter to be Delivered to BIW on First Day of International Space Conference on 23rd April


1. Wild Iris Inn
273 State Street, Portland
Tel: 207.775.0224 or 800.600.1557

Cost - $76.50 per night (per room) includes tax.
2 miles from the conference location.
We have reserved all seven rooms in this cosy B&B.
Please notify Bruce to secure your reservation.
(We prefer that you utilize this location.)
2. Inn at St. John
939 Congress Street, Portland
Tel: 207.773.6481 or 800.636.9127
2 miles from the conference location
Cost - 79.70 double bed, 89.70 two double beds, 84.70 queen - plus 7% tax
Contact hotel to reserve room
3. Day's Inn
461 Maine Mall Rd., So. Portland
Tel: 207.772-3450 or 800.329.7466
5 miles from the conference location.
Cost -$66.00 plus 7% tax - all rooms. There are 10% discounts for senior citizens, AAA members, traveling on business. If you reserve on the website you may find better discounts.
Contact hotel to reserve room.

See: Reports on Conference

May 15-16, 2004
Vandenberg Space Command Demonstration
Armed Forces Day Action
Vandenberg AFB, California

Download flyer (42KB PDF file)

May 15 , 2004
Peace protest at front gate of Vandenberg Space Command
1 pm to 3 pm.

Located 6 miles north of Lompoc in Santa Barbara county, California.  Loring Wirbel author of STAR WARS: US Tools of Space Supremacy  live music with Dan Fortson the frontline singer.

Night of May 15 there will be a peace camp at the farm of Bud and Dotty Boothe in Los Olivios.  Music and discussion.

Directions: http://www.vpeaceldf.org check on May 14th for last minute info

WARNING: Be careful not to drive onto the base, or to drive across the thick "green line" painted at the entrance of the base, you might be arrested for trespassing.

Details + carpooling info: Phone: (831) 754-5554 or
Email: mindful@redshift.com or call Judy Evered at (805) 685-8822

May 16
West Coast conference against US Weaponization of Space.

10 am to 3 pm at the Guadalupe Catholic Worker
4575 Ninth Street (cross street Olivera)
Guadalupe, California
(near Vandenberg)

To reserve a space at the conference call MacGregor Eddy at 831 754 5554 or Denis Apel at 805 343 6322.

Special guests at the conference Loring Wirbel, Peter Lumsdaine, Carlo Urner Reilly and others.

Hosted by:
The Guadalupe Catholic Worker
(805) 343-6322

Attendance is limited so please call (831) 754-5554 to confirm your attendance
and get directions, or email mindful@redshift.com  or jdapel@yahoo.com

See www.vpeaceldf.org for details

More details from: MacGregor Eddy mindful@redshift.com
Tel: 831 754 5554

Sponsored by:
Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and Global Network
PO Box 5789
Salinas CA 93915-5789

May 25-30, 2004
International Inquiry into 9-11, Phase One

The International Citizens’ Inquiry into 9/11 – Phase 2, is scheduled for May 25-30, 2004 at the Ukrainian Cultural Center (83 Christie, just north of the Christie subway at Bloor) and the University of Toronto’s famed Convocation Hall. Phase 1 of the Inquiry was held in San Francisco March 26-28, 2004 (see video at snowshoefilms.com).

Phase 3 is scheduled to commence in New York City on September 12, 2004 - see: 911truth.org.

More details

June 23-27, 2004
Towards a World Without Violence
International Forum,
Barcelona, Spain

More details

July 31, 2004
Protest for Peace
Vandenberg Space Command
1pm-3pm (march at 11.30)

More details

September 25 - October 2, 2004
Keep Space for Peace Week:
International Days of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space

(Download poster - 1.01MB PDF file - see sales to order
also available: Flyer - 1.14MB PDF file)

The Bush Administration (after unilaterally abandoning the1972 ABM Treaty) promises to deploy missile defense interceptors in Alaska before the next election.  Ten interceptors (that have yet to be proven effective) will be put into the ground at Ft. Greely, Alaska to “protect” the continental U.S. from attack. This year the Global Network’s Keep Space for Peace Week coincides with this deployment effort.  For the past several years our Keep Space for Peace Week of local actions has taken this issue into classrooms, libraries, TV and radio programs, churches, military bases, aerospace corporation facilities, and the offices of political leaders.  We encourage you to organize a local activity during the week in solidarity with groups all over the world.  Working together we must create opposition to Bush’s dangerous and destabilizing  Star Wars deployments.

Events Details

November 27, 2004
Rally Against BMD
Protest against visit by George W. Bush in Ottawa

Contact: trevor.hache@sympatico.ca 789-0604 from the University of Ottawa's NDP or Danika Brisson tusenslepipi@yahoo.ca from Global Peace Coalition.

November 30, 2004
One Law for All
Protest against visit by George W. Bush in Halifax

Download poster (Word document)

Tuesday 30th - Mock trial & march to the US Consulate office at 5pm at Victoria Park right downtown on the corner of Spring Garden Rd and South Park St (near Dairy Queen & the Lord Nelson Hotel)

Wednesday 1st Dec - Possible mass convergence on the Grand Parade square on the corner of Argyle St. and Duke St. from 10am-12pm.

Plans might change - check Halifax Peace Coalition website: http://hfxpeace.chebucto.org/

December 26-28, 2004
The Des Moines Catholic Worker community and the Spirit of Peace Community in Omaha invites you to join us for:
The 26th Annual Feast of the Holy Innocents Retreat, Witness & Line Crossing


Offutt Air Force Base (AFB) has served as the home of our nation’s nuclear weapons targeting and command headquarters for over 55 years. Formerly the Strategic Air Command, now expanded to the Strategic Command (STRATCOM). While there are no nuclear weapons stationed at Offutt AFB, STRATCOM is the operational command center for all land, air and sea strategic nuclear weapons systems. No nuclear missile silos can be activated, no Trident Submarine can set sail or B52 Bombers fly without STRATCOM'S approval. STRATCOM at Offutt AFB holds the whole world under a threat of global nuclear annihilation every day, every hour, every minute of the year.

And on Oct. 1, 2002, the US Military Space Command was added to this hellish mission.

Make your Christmas celebration complete and join us as we explore the often ignored and deeper meaning of the season. Using the Gospel of Mathew’s infant narrative, we will examine the links between King Herod, his killing of the innocent children in Bethlehem and the murderous deeds of US backed modern day Herods. The Herod’s of Jesus’s day were backed up by the Legions of the Roman armies. Our modern day Herod’s are backed up by Offutt’s Nuclear and Space Commands.

Come and help us expose, confront and convert our country’s God-awful nuclear weapon’s operational headquarters and it's War in Space Command through this prayerful three day retreat and witness at Offutt.

This years retreat takes place in the basement of St John’s Church on Creighton University campus at 2500 California Plaza, Omaha NE. Below is web page to directions to Creighton U.


The Retreat begins at 7:00 pm Sunday, Dec. 26th with a Christmas Party and Social. On Monday morning Dec. 27th, we will drive to Offutt AFB for a brief prayer service and reading of St. Mathews Infant Narrative. Nonviolence training, community building, bible study and prayer will follow on Saturday. The Retreat will end with a Vigil and Line Crossing at Offutt AFB Tuesday Dec. 28th.

Schedule Feast of Holy Innocents
Retreat & Line Crossing 2003

Sunday, Dec. 26

7:00 p.m. Christmas Party in the basement of St John’s Parish on Creighton U. campus at 2500 California Plaza, Omaha NE. - for all our Omaha area friends and Feast of the Holy Innocents Retreat participants. Hospitality available upon request.

Saturday, Dec. 27

10:00 a.m. Introductions and drive to Offutt for “on site look” at Kinney gate, prayer circle and reading of St. Matthew’s Infant Narrative (weather permitting) Return to retreat site.

12:00 p.m. Lunch
1:00 p.m. STRATCom / Space Command Overview
1:30 p.m. Nonviolent Training
4:00 p.m. Planning Session for “Line Crossing”
6:00 p.m. Supper
7:30 p.m. Line Crossing”Plan Report
8:00 p.m. Herod, Caesar, Mathew's Christmas Story and US(A) - A group discussion lead by Frank Cordaro

Tuesday, Dec. 28

9:00 a.m. Breakfast
10:00 a.m. Finalize Witness & Line Crossing Plans. Clean up at St John’s.
11:00 a.m. Liturgy
12:00 p.m. Car caravan to Offutt & the Kinney gate
12:30 p.m. Witness and Line Crossing Main Gate

For more information contact:

Frank Cordaro
The Phil Berrigan Catholic Worker House
713 Indiana St., Des Moines IA 50314
Ph (515) 282-4781
DMCW Web Page http://www.desmoinescatholicworker.org

Caitlin Harwood c8lin88@hotmail.com
William Slattery slattwi@yahoo.com
at the Spirit of Peace Community
(402) 991-4586
3212 and 3218 Webster St.
Omaha, NE 68131


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