January 31, 2009
London, England

Saturday 31st January
Thornhaugh Street,
London WC1

To register, email campaigns@cnduk.org or phone 0207 700 2393

Come to CND's conference to demonstrate the strength of opposition to US Missile Defence across Europe, with politicians and campaigners from Britain being joined by their counterparts from the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany. President Bush has backed US 'Missile Defence' since he was elected in 2000, including unilaterally withdrawing from the Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty with Russia in 2001.

Designed to give the US military 'full spectrum dominance,' it is destabilising relations with Russia and causing concern across Europe. Barack Obama has not yet given his full support to the system - let's send him a clear message of opposition in his first days as President.

Speakers include:
Michael Connarty MP, Chair, European Scrutiny Committee
Jeremy Corbyn MP
Jean Lambert MEP
Kate Hudson, CND
Elaheh Rostami-Povey, SOAS
Walter Kolbow MP, Social Democrats, Germany (tbc)
Monika Knoche MP, Die Linke, Germany
a speaker from the Social Democrats
Jana Glivicka, No to Bases, Czech Republic
Jolanta Szymanek-Deresz MP, Democratic Left Alliance, Poland (tbc)
Filip Ilkowski, Stop War Initiative, Poland
Andrew Murray, Stop the War Coalition
Sylvia Boyes, Yorkshire CND
CSSD, Czech Republic

Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament www.cnduk.org

February 18, 2009

European Parliament, Brussels


130 Czech Mayors protest US Missile Defense

The Czech Republic and Poland: US Trojan Horses to divide Europe?
 Three buses filled with Czech Mayors from the League of Mayors against the Radar and activists from the Nonviolence Movement will travel to Brussels to meet Members of the European Parliament on Wednesday and to protest against the “Star wars” plan. They have been invited to attend a public hearing about the controversial US Missile Defense enlargement into the Czech Republic and Poland. While in Brussels they will meet with several MEPs, Belgian Senators and the Vice-president of the European Parliament Luisa Morgantini. They will also attend a public rally against the radar held outside the European Parliament building.

Dozens of Czech Mayors will be accompanied by citizens from across the country and what originated as a plan to invite 40 people is now a two-day trip of 130. The mayors represent a delegation of a total of 130 Czech mayors who publicly oppose the project. The trip of the mayors is also supported by 13 of the total 14 heads of regional governments as well as many mayors from other European countries. As polls show, approximately 70% of Czechs are also against the plan.

"It’s not by chance that after the fall of the Berlin wall, the United States rapidly opened the doors of NATO to ex-socialist countries.  In this way they were able to train the military and political leaders so that they would be closer to their interests.

"At the beginning of 2009 one of these 'Trojan Horses', the Czech Republic, took over the Presidency of the European Union; precisely for this reason we are carrying the protest to the heart of the European Parliament and we will ask it to express itself on this fundamental question,” said Giorgio Schultze, of Europe for Peace.

A press briefing will take place prior to the departure of the buses in Rokycany at 7pm tomorrow (Tuesday, February 17) in front of the Winter Stadium.

Program for Wednesday, February 18 in Brussels:

10:00 first rally outside the European Parliament (Luxembourg Plaza)
12:00 meeting of delegation with the members of the Belgian Senate
14:00 main demonstration and event “The invisibles” (Luxembourg Plaza)
14:45 Jan Tamas (Nonviolence Movement) and Josef Vondrasek (Mayor of Rozmital) will speak at the GUE/NGL meeting in the European Parliament
15:30 meeting of delegation with MEP Jill Evans
16:00 meeting of delegation with vice-president of the EP Luisa Morgantini
16:30 – 18:00 public hearing in European Parliament, building ASP, room 1G3
19:00 departure of the 3 buses back to Prague

The protest will be supported by many people across Europe with events taking place simultaneously in Madrid, Copenhagen, Berlin, Rome, Palermo, Florence, Milan, Turin, Budapest and Buenos Aires. Many international organizations are also supporting the protest, including Mayors for Peace, Pax Christi International, World Without Wars and Europe for Peace.

Contact: Gerardo Femina (Prague, Czech Republic)  gfemina@gmail.com

19 February 2009
70% of the people, over 130 mayors and 13 out of 14 regional heads in the Czech Republic show opposition to the proposed US missile defence radar

Video Report

February 27 - March 2, 2009

American University, Washington, D.C.


Security without Empire:
National Organizing Conference on Foreign Military Bases


Many of us have a new sense of hope as we think about new possibilities in the Obama years. We also understand that if we and the world are to get the changes we need, we need to learn more and step up our organizing.  This certainly applies to U.S. and international efforts to close the foreign military bases that make wars from Afghanistan and Iraq to Colombia and the Philippines possible, oppress "host" nations and communities, and divert our tax dollars from addressing essential human needs.
The Project on Military Bases, a coalition of fifteen national and community based organizations has organized "Security With Empire: National Organizing Conference on Military Bases", which will be held at American University, February 27- March 2 in Washington. We will also be joined by leading anti-bases activists from Africa, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and Europe. The conference will provide a unique opportunity to learn about the dangers, "abuses and usurpations" that come with foreign military deployments, and to join in the process of organizing to win the closure and withdrawal of these bases.
Together we will
  • Share information about U.S. military bases and resistance
  • Develop strategies and expand the U.S. anti-bases movement
  • Raise the visibility of the U.S. and international anti-bases movements
  • Apply pressure on Congress to close and reduce the number of foreign bases
Speakers will include leading U.S. peace activists, scholars, and our allies from the Czech Republic, Ecuador, Germany, Guam, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Puerto Rico, Okinawa, and South Africa. Additionally, we have arranged twenty workshops to allow participants to explore issues and campaigns more deeply and to develop new strategies.
Among the sponsoring groups are the Global Network, Veterans for Peace, FOR, CodePink, AFSC, United for Peace & Justice and Peace Action. Bruce Gagnon and GN affiliate Tim Rinne (Nebraskans for Peace) will be doing a workshop on space issues at the conference.
Monday, March 2, will be a lobbying day on Capitol Hill, in which we encourage as many conference attendees as possible to participate.
The conference will begin with a protest vigil at the Pentagon on Feb 27 from 4-5 pm at the Pentagon Metro stop (take yellow or blue Metro line to get there).
For more information contact: GGold@afsc.org or (617) 661-6130.  



April 3-5, 2009

Strasbourg, France


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April 16-18, 2009

Seoul, South Korea


International Conference
against the Asia Pacific Missile Defense
and for the End of Arms Race


The 17th annual conference of the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space will be held in Seoul, Korea from April 16-18, 2009, under the title of the 2009 International Conference against the Asia Pacific Missile Defense and for the End of Arms Race.

The Korean committee for the conference, lead by the Peace Network http://www.peacekorea.org/index.php (Korean), http://www.peacekorea.org/english/ (English) and Center for Peace and Disarmament, People’s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy (PSPD) http://blog.peoplepower21.org/Peace/ (Korean), http://blog.peoplepower21.org/Peace/category/English (English) and is formed by 10 peace organizations is the Co-Sponsor with the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space http://www.space4peace.org for this conference.

The signs of a 'new cold war' are brewing as the U.S. pushes ahead with the missile defense (MD) system installations in Eastern Europe against Russia's strong opposition. There is an urgent need for the international civil society to respond against the current rapid arms race in the Asia Pacific where the US leads the Asia Pacific MD efforts, supported strongly by Japan, Australia and South Korea; against the frontline of opposition formed by China, Russia and North Korea.

The MD issue is becoming the core element of the destabilization of peace in Northeast Asia, not to mention the Korean peninsula, especially when the U.S. intends to make South Korea its MD outpost  and the Lee Myung Bak government promotes stronger US-South Korea alliance and the US-South Korea-Japan trilateral system formation.

By this great chance, the Korea Committee points out the Korean peace issues within the international peace movement circles, and wants to share international understanding and cooperation about Korean peninsula's peace and reunification issues.

In light of such concerns, holding an international peace conference in South Korea on missile defense and arms race issues will provide an important momentum in bringing the issues pertaining to the Korean peninsula-one of the last divided countries by the cold war in the world- and the North East Asia to the international community and in developing international solidarity.

We, the Korea Committee is already excited and grateful by many international participants’ enthusiasm to participate. Above all, we, the Korean Committee welcomes everyone in the world, who wants to share the urgent issues in each country regarding the Missile defense, military base, arms race etc. issues and to promote further international solidarity one another.

More Details

May 5, 2009

SLC-2W launch site, Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA


Rocket Launch Protest - 1pm


Protest at the launch of the United Launch Alliance Delta 2 rocket for the Space Tracking and Surveillance System Advanced Technology Risk Reduction (STSS-ATRR) research and development mission for the Missile Defense Agency.

The protest against the NMD program will begin at the start of the 1 pm launch window (see http://www.spacearchive.info/vafbsked.htm ).  It will be held at the front gate of Vandenberg Space Command - Intersection of Hwy 1 and Casamila-Lompoc Road. (Six miles north of Lompoc on Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County, CA.)  The protest will continue until the Delta 2 rocket is launched. The protest is sponsored by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power is Space.

For further info call 831-206-5043 or e-mail youthrightssal@gmail.com

There are many people around the world who support our efforts. We would like to include as many names as possible in our press release. Please send us a short statement on your letterhead expressing your opposition to the “Star Wars” (Missile Defense) tracking and surveillance network. Signed statements are preferable. Please scan the document and send it as an attachment to: macgregoreddy@gmail.com Thank you for your support.

More Details

Pictures from the Demonstration

June 12-14, 2009

The United Nations Association of the United States
of America (UNA-USA)2009 National Convention

Washington, D.C. June 12-14

Seven UNA-USA Chapters and/or Divisions are co-sponsoring a resolution that addresses StratCom's mission of launching first-strike nuclear and conventional attacks, the command's ongoing pursuit of new generations of nuclear weapons, and its central role in militarily dominating outer space.

How you can help

See report on resolution at UNA Convention

June 13, 2009

Fylingdales, Yorkshire

More Details

See Report

June 19, 2009

Gather at Galleria Plaza, Second  Copper,
Albuquerque, NM



Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) called drones armed with GPS-guided bombs are killing increasing numbers of people around the world, often at night.  Remotely controlled from Nevada and using space satellites these terror weapons are making many new enemies for the American people.  We will visit the three offices of our Congressional delegation to tell them to GROUND THE DRONES and to stop the development of the horrible laser and death ray weapons taking place now at Kirtland AFB.

Sponsored by:
Stop the War Machine and the
Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space

June 28/29, 2009

Vandenberg Air Force Base,
Santa Barbara CA


ICBM Launch Protest


Protest at the launch of a Minuteman III Intercontinental  Ballistic Missile (ICBM). The target is The Ronald Reagan missile test range, Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

The protest will begin at the start of the launch window (midnight June 29, charter bus from SF Bay area will leave 4 pm on Sunday June 28 and stop at CA towns to pick up people on the way return to SF by 8 am Monday June 29 - also see launch details at http://www.spacearchive.info/vafbsked.htm and check that website for possible launch cancellation, or date change). 

The protest will be held at the front gate of Vandenberg Space Command - Intersection of Hwy 1 and Casamila-Lompoc Road. (Six miles north of Lompoc on Highway 1 in Santa Barbara County, CA.)  The protest will continue until the rocket is launched. The protest is sponsored by the Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom and the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power is Space.

Andrew Lichterman of the Western States Legal Foundation  has agreed to speak at the front gate event.

Download Poster (1.2MB PDF file)

For further info call 831-206-5043
or e-mail macgregoreddy@gmail.com or youthrightssal@gmail.com

See: Bruce's Blog -
22 June 2009

"We lecture and threaten Iran and North Korea about the evils of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). But the US routinely tests our own WMD's from Vandenberg Air Force Base in southern California. And there will soon be another "test firing" of a Minuteman III nuclear missile from that base...

... We must become "dehypnotized" so we can see things as they are. The US uses the fear of other nuclear pipsqueak nations to get our own citizens to support massive US military buildups that are all about dominating the world.

If the US was genuine in wanting other nations to stop the development of their nuclear capability then we'd lead by example, as is required by the United Nations Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT), and we'd get rid of our own evil WMD.

But alas we don't do the honorable thing and the world looks at our mad ramblings and says - you are a hypocritical nation.

And they are right."

Brief Report on the Protest

Also: article in Lompoc Record - June 27 2009


July 4, 2009
Menwith Hill, Yorkshire, England


July 6, 2009
South Loi (Loojeirok), Kwajalein

Convening of a Conclave of Alabs

The Mojen of Jeimata, the Iroijship of Imata Kabua, Iroijlaplap, has issued a call for the convening of a Conclave of Alabs,  on July 6, 2009, at South Loi (Loojeirok), Kwajalein.  This solemn meeting of elders of Ralik Chain, will be the first of its kind in recent memory for the holders of land rights in over half of the inhabited atolls of the Marshall Islands.  Alabs (elders) from all the atolls of the Mojen, including Jaluit, Ailinglaplap, Kwajalein and Bikini are expected to begin travelling by air and sea to Ebeye, Kwajalein, beginning next week.

"Unfortunately Kwajalein has not gotten the attention it needs to straighten out the mess created by the Military programs it hosts.  The displacement of the population and its living conditions on Ebeye continue to plague a society whose only crime against the powers that be was to be living in an atoll the US found attractive for first, nuclear testing, and now, the testing of the vehicles to carry those nuclear weapons around the world. The United States government under Bush forced the Government of the Marshall Islands to agree to an extension of the use of Kwajalein beyond the current agreement which expires in 2016 until 2086 over the objections of and without the agreement of the people who belong to the land.  Neither the United States, nor the Republic of the Marshall Islands, have the right to take land without consent or proper compensation. They have done neither and the people of Kwajalein continue to live like animals in overcrowded, unsanitary, and dangerous conditions off-base to provide a labor pool for Ronald Reagan Test Site. This insanity must stop.

Thank you for continuing to protest this madness and for your support for the people of Kwajalein."

Tony de Brum
Member of Parliament, Kwajalein Marshall Islands

More details on US Army Reagan Test Site / Kwajalein Missile Range at http://www.globalsecurity.org/space/facility/kwaj.htm

The Conclave is expected to discuss and resolve outstanding issues of custom and tradition including but not limited to customary recognition of titles and inheritance of land. It will also endeavor to seek traditional advice on resolution of outstanding land issues pertaining to Kwajalein and other Mojen property. For the first time in recent memory, the conclave will review and approve alab genealogies for the purposes of determining land inheritance under custom and tradition. It is expected that, at its conclusion, the Conclave will issue a traditional proclamation of recognition and customary loyalty to the leadership of the Mojen.

The term “Mojen” is used to describe the jurisdiction of paramount traditional leaders in the Marshall Islands.  Four mojen comprise the traditional authority of the Ralik Chain, excluding Enewetak.  This is recognized in customary law, and embedded in the Constitution of the Marshall Islands.  “Alab” is the title normally accorded heads of the extended families with land rights within the Mojen.  The title Iroijlaplap designates the paramount leader,  and Iroij titles are accorded members of royalty in tradition.

The Conclave, with Iroijlaplap Imata Kabua, presiding, will be held at facilities in Loojeirok which have been built specifically for the event  under the supervision of Iroij Senator Michael M. Kabua.   The impressive native buildings and meeting halls have been meticulously restored by traditional craftsmen and women artisans to house the important conference and shall remain the traditional seat and secretariat of the Mojen for the foreseeable future.

August 14, 2009
Kirtland AFB, ), Albuquerque, NM

In Albuquerque

Fri, Aug 14, 2009, 6–7:30 am

One block North of Gibson on Louisiana SE
Where the tour members will board a bus to KAFB
(at the Veterans Memorial Park)

War profiteers at the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce want to expand the Kirtland War Base so they are hosting a tour for businesses that could profit by selling items and services for war.  Give the war profiteers an UNWELCOME and the truth about what war really produces - death and terrorism against us abroad, poor educational and health care systems in Albuquerque, and a loss of our state environment to more and larger war bases and games.  These war bases of the empire are expensive and need be closed with the money spent on schools, health care and wages.

It is possible to have a city built around human values and needs, not war and killing!

Bring your signs!

See details of the War Chamber’s tour at:

Stop the War Machine at 505-858-0882

Keep up with plan changes at:

Stop the Point. Click. Kill.
Drone Attacks!

August 22, 2009
Vandenberg Air Force Base,
Santa Barbara CA

ICBM Launch Protest

The US arsenal of hypocrisy is poised for another launch from Vandenberg AFB in Southern California in the early morning hours of August 23.  At that time there will be another "test firing" of a Minuteman III  ICBM from Vandenberg. The target of the rocket will be the Ronald Reagan missile test range, Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

How can the world tolerate the hypocrisy of UN sanctions against N Korea, while the USA carries out these routine tests of a solid fuel ICBM delivery vehicle, that can be launched on a hair trigger in one minute (thus called Minuteman III) designed to carry nuclear warheads (the test missile will have dummy warheads).

US Arsenal of Hypocrisy Poised for Another Launch
Call for Local Protests on Weekend of August 22
Call or email MacGregor Eddy and give your support.

People in the Netherlands, the UK, the Philippines, and many locations in the USA are joining this protest, holding local actions, going to the nearest Air Force Base or US Embassy.

Send statements of support to macgregoreddy@gmail.com to read at the front gate of Vandenberg when the missile is launched. These actions are sponsored by the Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, the Women's International League for Peace and Freedom and the War Resister's League.

Make the invisible (US routine ICBM missile testing) visible to the world.

Protest at the launch at two locations in California:

1:00pm on Saturday August 22 - Los Angeles Air Force Base, Space and Missile Center, 262 N Douglas Street, El Segundo, California. (LAFB helps with tracking and targeting of ICBM launches).

Speakers: Blase Bonpane (Office of the Americas) and Mayra Gomez (World March for Peace)

11.55pm on August 22 - a vigil will be held at the front gate of Vandenberg six miles north of Lompoc in Santa Barbara county at the intersection of Hwy 1.

Speakers: Ellen Thomas (Proposition One for Nuclear Disarmament) and Economic Conversion) and Julian Haber (War Resistor's League)

Downoad flier

You can see launch window times at http://www.spacearchive.info/vafbsked.htm - this is not a peace website, just a posting of launch times.

Further Information: Call MacGregor Eddy 831 206 5043  or email macgregoreddy@gmail.com for details.

Your organization's support is requested.

See: Colorado supports August 22

The Minuteman III is built by Boeing, Thiokol, United Technologies, and Aerojet-General weapons corporations.

October 3-10, 2009

Posters, Newspaper Ads, etc available ...

More details

November 17/18, 2009
Vandenberg Air Force Base,
Santa Barbara CA

ICBM Launch Protest

Protest at the launch of a Minuteman III nuclear warhead delivery system from Vandenberg AFB  to the Marshall Islands.  

Uphold the spirit and good faith of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

When: The protest will begin at 11.55pm November 17 (midnight)

Where: Front gate of Vandenberg AFB across the road from Vandenberg Middle school, six miles north of Lompoc on Highway One Santa Barbara County California USA.

  “The US has been highly critical of other countries conducting missile tests.  By conducting such tests itself, the US demonstrates exactly the wrong standard for the rest of the world.  Missile tests are a tangible demonstration of power meant to intimidate potential foes.  Such tests, however, often have the opposite effect and provoke similar responses from other states.”

David Krieger, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation

Endorsed by  Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom, War Resister's League, Western States Legal Foundation, Nevada Desert Experience, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space, Tri Valley Cares  and many others.  for details call MacGregor Eddy 831 206 5043 or email macgregoreddy@gmail.com  check   www.vandenbergwitness.org

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