25 May 2005
Update on Carol Gilbertís probation.
By Bill Sulzman
Citizens for Peace in Space

Dear Friends,

Sr. Carol Gilbert met with her federal probation officer, Special Offenders Specialist Gregory Cole, here in Baltimore this morning.  She has two probation officers: one here in Baltimore and one in Colorado (where the trial was).  Mr. Cole does the paper work, but the decisions are made in Colorado.

The Baltimore probation office originally refused to let Carol return home because she would be living with felons at Jonah House.  But at some point, the Baltimore office changed their position and allowed Carol to return home.

Carol was told that she must make restitution payments, or she will be violated in three months.  Until restitution is paid, she cannot travel outside the state of Maryland.

Carol says that she and Jackie and Ardeth have more than enough alternative restitution with payments to various charitable organizations and their service in prison (Carol, for example, made blankets, mittens, and sweaters for poor children).  Carol told Mr. Cole that she works full time in the community, and will not get a job outside the community in order to pay money to the government for warmaking.

Carol is disappointed that she cannot attend the August summer meetings at the Motherhouse in Michigan.

At this time, both Jackie and Carol are abiding by the travel restrictions.

Meanwhile, Carol just talked to Sr. Marie Therese, an Iraqi Dominican Sister who is doing speaking  engagements in this country. She told Carol about the hope the plowshares action brought to the Dominican sisters in Iraq, and thanked them for their sacrifice.  With both in tears, Sr. Carol assured her that their sacrifice was far greater at the hands of our empire.

Bill Sulzman
Citizens for Peace in Space
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Colorado Springs, CO 80901
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