Global Network 12th Annual International Conference

April 23-25 2004

Portland, Maine

Morning Session

8:00 Conference Registration
Woodfords Congregational Church Ė Portland, Maine

9:00 Welcome & purpose of conference
(Bruce Gagnon, GN Coordinator and Dave Webb, Yorkshire CND)

9:15-10:30 Plenary Session:
Role of Space in U.S. Quest for Global Empire
  • Stacey Fritz (No Nukes North, Fairbanks, Alaska)
  • Joseph Gerson (AFSC, Cambridge, MA.)
  • Regina Hagen (Intíl Network of Engineers & Scientists Against Proliferation, Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Loring Wirbel (Citizens for Peace in Space, Colorado Springs, CO.)
  • Facilitated by Karen Wainberg (Peace Action Maine)
10:45-12:00 Plenary Session:
Reports from Local Space Organizing
  • Bob Anderson (Stop the War Machine, Albuquerque, N.M.)
  • Jack Bussell (Maine Veterans for Peace, Portland)
  • MacGregor Eddy (WILPF, Salinas, CA)
  • Holly Gwinn Graham (Singer/Songwriter, Olympia, WA)
  • Tamara Lorincz (Halifax Peace Coalition, Nova Scotia)
  • Satomi Oba (Plutonium Action, Hiroshima, Japan)
  • Sri Raman (Movement Against Nuclear Weapons, Chennai, India)
  • Bob Smith (Brandywine Peace Community, Swarthmore, PA.)
  • Gareth Smith (OzPeace, Byron Bay, Australia)
  • Dave Webb (Yorkshire CND, Leeds, UK)
  • Facilitated by Cris Gutierrez and Mary Beth Sullivan (WILPF, Maine)


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Welcome from Bruce

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Karen Wainberg

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Dave Webb

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film presentation

Pictures from Plenary Session 1

Pictures from Plenary Session 2

Afternoon Session

More pictures on the web by Aurel Duta

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