19 August 2004
Carl Kabat resentenced to 4 months in prison
From Bill Sulzman

Carl Kabat appeared before Federal Magistrate Craig Shaffer for a hearing to revoke his probation in the Good Friday (April 9) action at nuclear missile silo N-8 in northeast Colorado.  Before his sentence was pronounced, Fr. Kabat addressed the court and invited both prosecutor and judge to follow their consciences and consider what was really at issue in this case.

Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Once again Carl asked the court to consider the horrendous power of the bomb encased at N-8.  He suggested that  there was no defense for the courts' action since the destructive power of this doomsday weapon is not a secret.  It could kill up to 2 million people.  And he pointed out that almost a thousand Americans had died in a war to eradicate the phantom weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. 

Magistrate Shaffer stated that he had followed his conscience in the first sentence he had handed down.  He noted that it was unlikely that any sentence involving probation would be followed by  Kabat.  He then gave a sentence of 4 months of incarceration, ignoring the governments request for the maximum of 6 months.  The earlier sentence which involved 3 years of probation was vacated and Carl was kept in custody to finish out his sentence. 

Shaffer said he would leave up to the Federal Bureau of prisons the decision as to whether to count the time already served (about 6 weeks) against the 4 month sentence.  If it is counted Carl would have about 2 1/2 months remaining.  Supporters in the courtroom included Sachio Ko Yin who has recently completed his sentence for a 1998 Plowshares action at silo N-7, a close neighbor of N-8.


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