GN 10th Annual International Membership Conference
University of California,
Berkeley, USA

May 10-12 2002

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MAY 10-12, 2002

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
(352) 337-9274
(510) 527-2057


2002 marks the 10th anniversary of the Global Network. Join with activists from around the world who will gather in Berkeley, California on May 10-12 to share information about Bush's space agenda, plan activities for 2002, and strengthen our commitment to preventing the nuclearization and weaponization of space. 

On Friday, May 10 a protest will be held at Lockheed Martin (Sunnyvale) where work is underway on the space-based laser, airborne laser, Theater Missile Defense (TMD), and new satellites for space war fighting.

In Fiscal Year 2002 the U.S. Congress gave George W. Bush his entire request of $8.3 billion for Star Wars research & development (R & D). R & D funding must become a key issue in 2002 and beyond if we hope to prevent a new arms race in space.

The U.S. Space Command predicts that because of "corporate globalization" the gap between "haves" and "have nots" will widen worldwide in coming years. With space "control and domination" in place, the Space Command will become the military arm for the multi-national corporations enabling the U.S. to suppress those who protest U.S. global dominance.

Cutbacks can be expected in human needs programs like education, health care, child care, and social security in order to cover the enormous cost of Star Wars. Help us build this movement to keep space for peace. 

This event is being hosted by Nevada Desert Experience, a Global Network affiliate. Radio for Peace International, based in Costa Rica, will send two reporters and will broadcast parts of the conference live on their network to 120 countries.


May 10 (Friday)

  • 9 am -10 am:  Registration and check-in at Nevada Desert Experience (NDE) Berkeley office (Wesley Student Center, 2398 Bancroft Way, corner of Dana)
  • 1:15 –2:30pm: Travel to Sunnyvale (see directions)
  • 2:30 –5:30pm: Rally & demonstration at Lockheed Martin (Sunnyvale)
  • 7:00pm: Dinner and socializing at NDE office

May 11 (Saturday)

  • 8 am:  Conference Registration - Valley Life Sciences Bldg (University of California Berkeley) Auditorium
  • 9am :  Welcome & purpose of conference (Sally Light, Nevada Desert Experience)
  • 9:30 - 11am:  Plenary Session - Intl Perspectives on Preventing an Arms Race in Space  

VLSB Auditorium

  • Regina Hagen (Int'l Network of Engineers & Scientists Against Proliferation, Darmstadt, Germany)

  • Satomi Oba (Plutonium Action, Hiroshima, Japan)

  • Jacob Grech (Australia Ant-Bases Campaign Coalition, Melbourne)

  • Susan Pineda (People's Task Force for Bases Clean Up, Central Luzon, Phillipines)

  • Edward Appiah Brafoh (Green Earth Organisation, Ghana)

  • 11:15 –12:00:  Keynote Speakers
  • Karl Grossman (Professor of Journalism, SUNY)
  • Stacey Fritz (No Nukes North, Fairbanks, Alaska)
  • Kathy Kelly (Voices in the Wilderness, Chicago, IL)
  • 12 –1pm: Lunch on your own
  • 4:15 –5:45pm: Plenary Session:  Alternatives, Actions, and Strategies to Keep Space for Peace

VLSB Auditorium

  • Dave Knight (Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament, UK)

  • Ardeth Platte (Jonah House, Baltimore, MD)

  • Sri Raman (Movement Against Nuclear Weapons, Chennai, India)

  • Kimberly Ead (Vermont Peace & Justice Center, Burlington)

  • 6:30 –8pm: Dinner on your own
  • 8:30pm: Entertainment & Social Gathering (Wesley Student Center, 2398 Bancroft Way, corner of Dana)

May 12 (Sunday)

  • 9am - 12pm:  GN Membership Meeting (Reports, Board election, etc.- at NDE Berkeley office)
  • Nuclear Power & Space Commercialism: A Toxic Planetary Program

  • Echelon Spy System: Eavesdropping on the World

  • Military Satellites: Their Warfighting & Counterinsurgency Roles

  • Theatre Missile Defense:  Middle East & Asian Concerns

  • NMD Deployment & Testing: Alaskan Resistance

  • European Perspectives on Star Wars

  • Fewer But Newer: The Continuing Role of Nuclear Weapons in U.S. Plans for Global Military Domination

  • Creating Momentum for Congressional & Global Ban on Weapons in Space

  • Alternatives to Missile Defense & Space Weapons: Prospects for the Control & Elimination of Ballistic Missile

  • Environmental Consequences of Toxic Rocket Launches

  • Economic Consequences of Space Arms Race

  • Deadly Connections: Corporate Globalism, Space & War

  • Pentagon Weather Modification & HAARP

  • North Korea: Real Threat or Enemy Creation?


Speakers/entertainers invited include:  Karl Grossman, Regina Hagen, Dave Webb, Satomi Oba, Loring Wirbel, Ardeth Platte, Bill Sulzman, Sally Light, J. Sri Raman, Gar Smith, Shiva Sthresna, Corazon Fabros, Richard Salvador, Peter Lumsdaine, Carol Brouillet, Wade Huntley, Lindis Percy, Aurel Duta, Jackie Cabasso, Marylia Kelly, Edward Appiah Brafoh, Alice Slater, Mary Beth Sullivan, Carol Rosin, Andrew Lichterman, Holly Gwinn Graham, Joel Landy, Lynda Williams, Stacey Fritz, Andrew Page, Cheong Wooksik, Dave Knight, Dr. Leo Rebello, Kathy Kelly, Bruce Gagnon, Kimberley Ead, and more.


Registration fee for the conference is on a sliding scale.  Please pay what you can best afford between $15 - $60.  Registration fee includes dinner on May 10.  We will send you the full conference agenda and location of all meetings upon receipt of your registration fee (you can use the form below).


Limited home hospitality will be available on a first-come, first-serve basis.  (People in the Berkeley area are encouraged to contact us if you can provide housing for others.)

Hotels in Berkeley.  Information as of 2/9/02.

Bancroft Hotel -  2680 Bancroft Way, Berkeley, CA 94704, (510) 549-1000. Only 5-6 rooms available for May 9-12.  Rates:  $139 Fri – Sun, $119 weekdays.  All major credit cards accepted.  3 blocks away from meeting HQ.

Beau Sky Manor (B & B) – 2520 Durant Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704, (510) 540-7688 & (510) 540-8089.  Continental breakfast included.  All 20 rooms available at this time.  Rates:  $109 single, $119 double.  All major credit cards accepted.  2 blocks from meeting HQ.

Claremont Resort – 41 Tunnel Rd., Berkeley, CA 94611, (510)843-3000.  Lavish  resort& spa.  1 week cancellation policy.  Rates: $260, or $199 with AAA membership.  All major credit cards accepted.  Web site: About 2 miles from meeting HQ.

French Hotel – 1538 Shattuck Ave., Berkeley. 510) 548-9930.  Small, in north Berkeley.  All 18 rooms available at this time for May 9-12.  Cancellation policy:  48 hours, or else billed for 1 night.  Rates:  $95 - $130.  All major credit cards accepted.
1 mile from meeting HQ.

Hotel Durant – 2600 Durant Ave., Berkeley, CA 94704, (510) 845-8981. Rates:  $120-180.  Web site:  Please call for availability.   Al major credit cards accepted.  3 blocks from meeting HQ.

Radission Hotel Berkeley Marina – 200 Marina Blvd., Berkeley, CA 94710, (510) 548-7920.  Reservations line:  1-800-333-3333.  9 rooms available (with 2 dbl  beds each).  Full breakfast included.  Rate: $134.  1 1/2 miles from meeting  HQ.  NOTE: We have these rooms reserved under a confirmation number: 0W13XPH –please use your own credit card for billing. All major credit cards accepted.

Rose Garden Inn – 240 Telegraph Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94705, (510) 549-2145. Charming Victorian style inn.  Full breakfast included.  Rates: $139-229.  30 rooms are available at this time for May 9-12.  All major credit cards accepted. 1 mile away from meeting HQ.  Web site:

Flamingo Motel - 1761 University Ave, Berkeley, CA 94703, (510) 841-4242.  Similar room rate as # 7.  They do not take reservations for May - it's first come, first served for that month!

Marina Lodge Motel - 975 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 841-7410  Rooms are $55 + tax

Ramada Inn - 920 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94710
(510) 849-1121 Rooms are $89 plus tax

Berkeley Campus Motel - 1619 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA 94703
(510) 841-3844 Rooms are $70 plus tax

Would you share a hotel room?  If so let us know if you are looking for roommates.


When you arrive at the Berkeley campus, we encourage you to stop by Visitor Services. You'll find us in Room 101 of University Hall, located on the corner of University Avenue and Oxford Street.

Below you'll find directions for reaching the Berkeley campus by car. Due to limited parking availability, we recommend that you use public transportation whenever possible.

From Northbound Highway 101 (San Francisco/Daly City)

  • Follow 101 North and then switch to 80 East, San Francisco/Oakland Bay Bridge
  • After the Bay Bridge,Exit to I-80 East (Berkeley/Sacramento)
  • Exit on University Avenue
  • Continue East on University Avenue for approximately 1.5 miles to Oxford Street

From Highway 24

  • From Highway 24 exit Telegraph Ave.
  • Continue on Telegraph until it dead ends at the campus on Bancroft.
  • Make a left on Bancroft.
  • Make a right on Fulton, which will be come Oxford St in 2 blocks.
  • Continue on Oxford to University.

From Westbound Highway 13

  • Highway 13 becomes Tunnel Road
  • Continue on Tunnel Road. Tunnel Road becomes Ashby Avenue near the Claremont Hotel
  • Turn right at Shattuck Avenue
  • Turn right at University Avenue and continue east one block to Oxford Street.

From I-80 East or West

  • Exit University Avenue
  • Continue east on University Avenue for approximately 1.5 miles to Oxford Street

From Westbound I-580

  • Exit I-80 East (to Berkeley, Sacramento)
  • Exit at University Avenue
  • Continue east on University Avenue for approximately 1.5 miles to Oxford Street

From North I-880 (San Jose; Hayward; Oakland Airport)

  • Stay in left center lanes
  • Exit 80 East (to Berkeley)
  • Exit at University Avenue
  • Continue East on University Avenue for approximately 2 miles to Oxford Street

(See for campus maps)

Driving Directions to Lockheed Martin in Sunnyvale (SouthBay)

From Berkeley/East Bay:

Take Hwy 880 south to Hwy 237.  Go west on 237 to the Mathilda off ramp.  Go north (right) on Mathilda a couple of blocks to Lockheed Way.  Take Lockheed Way to the main entrance of Lockheed Martin. You will see a fire station on the corner of the entrance.

From San Francisco:

Take Hwy 101 south to Hwy 237.  Go east on 237 and take the first off ramp.  Turn left (north) on Mathilda a couple of blocks to Lockheed Way.  Take Lockheed Way to the main entrance of Lockheed Martin. You will see a fire station on the corner of the entrance.

A Global Network organizer will be present at the main entrance of Lockheed Martin to give instructions for parking.


Name___________________   Organization_________________

Address__________________   City______________   State____   Zip____


Phone (          )___________   E-Mail__________________

__ Enclosed is my conference registration in the amount of $_____
(Checks payable to Global Network)

__ Please send me local hotel information

__ Please sign me up for home hospitality on ________ for ____ number of people.

__ Sorry I can’t come but here is a donation to help cover conference expenses.

Return to:

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
PO Box 90083
Gainesville, FL. 32607
(352) 337-9274
(510) 527-2057

Statements from Conference Participants:

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