20 May 2006
Vandenberg Events Since Last May 2005 Gathering
from Sheila Baker

  1. 8 ICBM Missile Launches-4 Peacekeepers, 6 to Kwajalein Atoll, 1 near Guam, 1 failure, 2 with U.S.S. Hopper for ICBM Missile Defense (Sky Hunter and Glory Trip-189), 1 simulated interceptor test launched at Kodiac, tracked by Beale AFB
  2. 2 Minotaur Launches
  3. 2 Delta II Launches
  4. 1 Titan Spy Satellite Launch
  5. 1 Pegasus XL Launch
  6. Vandenberg’s 17th Test Squad Enhance Air Force Space Command’s Delivery of Warfighting Cabability. New tracking system for Vandenberg AFB Minuteman III test launches
  7. Boeing Completes Test on One of Four Missile Silos at Vandenberg to Prepare For Summer Launches
  8. Dedication of Ronald Reagan Missile Defense Facility - Vandenberg Action Coalition Presence-Guadalupe Catholic Worker rebuttal
    "The missile defense system is very expensive, and it doesn't work," Mr. Apel said." We had to abrogate the ABM (Anti-Ballistic Missile) Treaty in order to do it." But he said it is appropriate that Mr. Reagan's name is attached to the site." I think the program is more of an indictment of his thinking than it is an honor,"
  9. Vandenberg Office of Special Intelligenge “Eagle Eyes” teaching locals to [Spy On Neighbors] fight terrorism
  10. VAFB Bound Tanker Spills 7500 Gallons Jet Fuel
  11. Vandenberg activates Western Range Operations Area Control Center. VAFB commanded and controlled 54 F-22 missions and nine major launch operations in 2005
  12. $Billions in DOD Contracts Awarded Weekly. Some to Vandenberg. Boeing Awarded $25.2 Million Contract To Support Vandenberg Minuteman Flight Test Program
  13. GAO Recommends to MDA that it remove 1st 9 Interceptors at VAFB and Ft Greeley due to Faulty Parts
  14. GAO Scientist Subrata Ghoshroy Blows Whistle on GMD Interceptors.
  15. MacGregor Eddy Reads Nuremburg Principals to Base Airmen Oct 8. MacGregor Eddy Found Guilty of Trespassing - Dissent is a Duty, Not a Crime!
  16. Boeing Machinists Strike-Stop $Multi-Billion Delta IV Spy Satellite Launch.
  17. Gold Star Families For Peace Bill Mitchell vs. Gold Star Families [For War] Debbie Argel Bastion.
  18. Vandenberg center’s space mission supports OIF - more than 4,000 GPS Guided Munitions Expended (500 lb precision guided bombs)
  19. Upcoming 2006 Launches-Vandenberg ICBM MMIII, Delta 4 Spy Satellite- June,July & Sept. Vandenberg Interceptor Missile Defense Launches to Kodiac, Alaska.
  20. Vandenberg Hiway 1 Space Center Project -launch viewing site, and space related activities.
  21. Orcutt Doppler Radar owned by Vandenberg hopefully for weather.

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