Kucinich Space Ban Bill Endorsing Groups

March, 2002

Bruce Gagnon

Congressman Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) originally introduced a bill (HR 2977) in Congress on Oct. 2, 2001 calling for a permanent ban on U.S. weapons in space, and for preserving space for peaceful uses.  An amended bill, H.R. 3616, titled: the " Space Preservation Act of 2002 " was introduced in 2002, calling upon the President of the United States to work for a worldwide ban on weapons in space as well.

We wholeheartedly support this bill and call upon the U.S. Congress to enact this legislation.  If the U.S. places weapons systems in outer space, a new arms race among nations will surely follow.  The world will become less secure, not more. The environment will be further polluted.  And the economic drain on the people of the U.S. and the rest of the world will be enormous.

Please join us in support of H.R. 3616, the "Space Preservation Act of 2001."  To sign on your organization send an e-mail to: globalnet@mindspring.com

Contact your Congressional Representatives and Senators and urge them to support Kucinich's ban on weapons in space.  Also please help us spread word about this bill to your mailing lists.

 (Endorsement indicates commitment to promote the bill in your community of influence.)

  1. 8th Day Center for Justice (Chicago, IL)
  2. Abolition 2000 (New York Metro)
  3. Abolition 2000 of Santa Cruz, CA.
  4. Action des Citoyens pour le Désarmement Nucléaire (France) 
  5. Action for Nuclear Disarmament (Cape Cod, MA)
  6. Action NOW!
  7. AIDS Alternativa International
  8. Alabama New South Coalition (Board)
  9. Alaska Impact (Fairbanks)
  10. All India Letter Writers Association
  11. All Souls Unitarian Church (Colorado Springs, CO)
  12. American Friends Service Committee Colorado
  13. American Friends Service Committee Western Massachusetts
  14. Anarchist Action of Rochester (NY)
  15. Anne Arundel (MD) Peace Action
  16. Antiwar.com
  17. AquaCoalition.org
  18. Arkansas Coalition for Peace and Justice
  19. Atomic Mirror
  20. Association of World Citizens (San Francisco, CA)
  21. Australian Anti-Bases Campaign Coalition
  22. Australian Peace Committee (Adelaide, South Australia)
  23. Australian Peace Committee (Queensland)
  24. Aztlan Media Collective (Los Angeles, CA)
  25. Baltimore Emergency Response Network (MD)
  26. Baltimore Hiroshima-Nagasaki Commemoration Committee (MD)
  27. Border Women's Group (Juarez, Mescio-El Paso TX- Las Cruces NM)
  28. Brooklyn Greens/Green Party of New York
  29. California Sun
  30. Campaign for the Accountability of American Bases (United Kingdom)
  31. Cape Cod Fellowship of Reconciliation (MA)
  32. Cape Cod Green Party (MA)
  33. Center for Global Nonviolence (Honolulu, HI)
  34. Center for Theology and Social Analysis (St Louis, MO)
  35. Centre for Peace Studies, University of Auckland (Auckland, New Zealand)
  36. Central Coast Peace & Environmental Council (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  37. Central Committee for Conscientious Objectors
  38. Centre de Ressources Dur La Non-Violence (Montreal, Canada)
  39. Checkmate – Winning Strategies for Environmental Justice (Vermont)
  40. Chester River Monthly Meeting of Friends (Chestertown, MD)
  41. Citizen Soldier (New York, N.Y.)
  42. Citizens Budget Campaign of W. PA
  43. Citizens Energy Council (Hewitt, N.J.)
  44. Citizens Democracy Watch (Florence, OR)
  45. Citizens for Participation in Political Action (Franklin/Hampshire, MA)
  46. Citizens for Peace in Space (Colorado Springs, CO)
  47. City of New Haven Peace Commission (CT)
  48. Cleveland Nonviolence Network
  49. Cleveland Peace Action (Ohio)
  50. Clinton County Peace Education Group (OH)
  51. Coalition for Nuclear Disarmament and Peace (India)
  52. Coalition for Peace Action (Princeton, N.J.)
  53. Coastal Convergence Society (Huntington Beach, CA) 
  54. Coconut Free Press Charitable Trust (Auckland, New Zealand)
  55. Colorado Coalition for the Prevention of Nuclear War
  56. Committee for Social Responsibility, All Souls Unitarian Church (W. Brattleboro, VT)
  57. Communist Party USA
  58. Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility
  59. Controlled America
  60. Delray Citizens for Social Responsibility (FL)
  61. Dominican Sisters of Oxford, MI - Leadership Team
  62. Don Quixote Society
  63. Don’t Waste Connecticut
  64. Don’t Waste Oregon (Portland, OR)
  65. East Bay Peace Action (Albany, CA)
  66. Educators for Social Responsibility (Metro New York)
  67. Every Church A Peace Church (Akron, PA)
  68. Every Church a Peace Church (ECAPC) (Duluth, MN)
  69. Fellowship of Reconciliation (Louisville, KY)
  70. Fellowship of Reconciliation (Nyack, N.Y.)
  71. Fellowship of Reconciliation (Seattle, WA)
  72. Florida Coalition for Peace & Justice
  73. Flyby News
  74. Food Not Bombs (Atlanta, GA)
  75. For Mother Earth (Bucharest, Romania)
  76. Fresno Center for Nonviolence (CA)
  77. Friends of the Earth Australia
  78. Friends of the White Salmon River (Trout Lake, WA)
  79. Genesee Valley Citizens for Peace (New York)
  80. Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
  81. Global Response  (Boulder, CO)
  82. GRACE Public Fund (New York, N.Y.)
  83. Grandmothers for Peace (San Luis Obispo, CA)
  84. Grandmothers for Peace (Superior, WI)
  85. Grandmothers for Peace International
  86. Gray Panthers of San Francisco (CA)
  87. Great Neck SANE/Peace Action (N.Y.)
  88. Greater New Haven Peace Council (CT)
  89. Green Alliance
  90. Green Earth Organization (Ghana)
  91. Green Justice Association (Bulgaria)
  92. Green Party of Connecticut
  93. Green Party of Skagit County (WA)
  94. Green Party of the United States
  95. Green Party of Utah
  96. Greens/Green Party USA
  97. Greens of Volusia County (FL)
  98. Greenville Peace Committee (North Carolina)
  99. Greenwich Village Coalition for Peaceful Priorities (N.Y.)
  100. Groove Embassy Records
  101. Ground Zero Center for Nonviolent Action (Poulsbo, WA)
  102. Gulf Coast Coalition for Peace and Justice
  103. Hanford Watch (Portland, OR)
  104. Headingly CND (England)
  105. High Desert Catholic Worker (Valyermo, CA)
  106. Home for Peace & Justice (Saginaw, MI)
  107. Hudson County Coalition for Peace and Justice (N.J.)
  108. Idaho Green Party
  109. Illinois Peace Action
  110. Indian Council of Natural Medicine and Research
  111. Indian Institute for Peace, Disarmament, & Environmental Protection (Nagpur, India)
  112. Indianapolis Peace & Justice Center (IN)
  113. Institute for Cooperation in Space (Ventura, CA)
  114. Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility - Militarism & Violence Resolution Steering Committee  (New York, N.Y.)
  115. Interfaith Stewards of Creation (Gallup, NM)
  116. International Association of Educators for World Peace
  117. International Institute of Concern for Public Health (Canada)
  118. International Movement for a Just World (Malaysia)
  119. International Movement for the Ban of Manipulation of Human Nervous System
  120. International Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation
  121. International Parliament for Safety and Peace
  122. International Society for Ecology & Culture
  123. Jonah House (Baltimore, MD)
  124. Journey for Justice
  125. Justice and Peace Network  (Rochester Minnesota Franciscans)
  126. Just Peace Committee of Peace Church (UCC) (Duluth, MN)
  127. Kalamazoo Area Coalition for Peace & Justice (MI)
  128. Kirkstall CND (England)
  129. Kodiak Rocket Launch Information Group (Kodiak, AK)
  130. Kurtz Institute of Peacemaking
  131. Larry Bogart Memorial Library (Hewitt, N.J.)
  132. Leicester CND (England)
  133. Livermore Conversion Project (Oakland, CA)
  134. Long Island Alliance for Peaceful Alternatives (N.Y.)
  135. Los Alamos Study Group (New Mexico)
  136. Lutheran Peace Fellowship (Wake County, NC)
  137. Lynchburg Peace Education Center (VA)
  138. Making the Walls Transparent
  139. Malaysian Physicians for the Prevention of Nuclear War
  140. Maryknoll Office of Global Concerns
  141. Massachusetts Peace Action
  142. McKinley County Green Party (Gallup, NM)
  143. Medical Association for Prevention of War (Australia)
  144. Menwith Hill Women's Peace Campaign (UK)
  145. Merrimack Valley People for Peace (MA)
  146. Merseyside CND (England)
  147. Midwest Coalition for Responsible Investment (St Louis, MO)
  148. Mojave Greens (Antelope Valley, CA)
  149. Moms for Justice (Philadelphia, PA)
  150. Movement Against Nuclear Weapons (Chennai, India)
  151. Nat’l Lawyers Guild (University of California, Hastings College of Law)
  152. National Organization of Women (Philadelphia, PA)
  153. Network for Peace and Fairness (Boras, Sweden)
  154. Nevada Desert Experience
  155. New Zealand Nuclear-Free Peacemaking Association
  156. No Nukes North (Fairbanks, Alaska)
  157. North American Water Office (Lake Elmo, MN)
  158. North Carolina Peace Action
  159. North Coast Xpress (CA)
  160. North Dakota Peace Coalition
  161. North Suburban Peace Initiative (Evanston, IL)
  162. Northwest Disarmament Coalition (Seattle, WA)
  163. Northwest Disclosure Network (Portland, OR)
  164. Nuclear Age Peace Foundation (Santa Barbara, CA)
  165. Nuclear Free Australia (Melbourne)
  166. Nuclear-Free Future Award (Munich, Germany)        
  167. Nuclear Peace Action Group (Mendocino, CA)
  168. Nuclear Watch of New Mexico
  169. Nukewatch
  170. Oak Ridge Environmental Peace Alliance (TN)
  171. Office of Justice, Peace & Integrity of Creation (Mankato Province School Sisters of Notre Dame)
  172. Office of Justice-Peace-Integrity of Creation (Catholic Diocese of Knoxville, TN)
  173. Ohio Center for Critical Thinking Instruction
  174. OMNI Center for Peace, Justice & Ecology (Fayetteville, AR)
  175. Oregon Conservancy Foundation
  176. Oregon Peace Works (Salem)
  177. Oxford Citizens for Peace & Justice (Oxford, OH)
  178. Pacific Green Party (Oregon State University)
  179. Paralyzed Veterans of America
  180. Patriots for Peace (Ft Walton Beach, FL)
  181. Pax Christi (New Orleans, LA)
  182. Pax Christi (St. Louis University)
  183. Pax Christi USA
  184. Peace & Justice Center (Burlington, VT)
  185. Peace & Justice Task Force, Rocky Mountain Conference, United Church of Christ
  186. Peace & National Priorities Center (MI)
  187. Peace & Social Justice Center of South Central Kansas (Wichita)
  188. Peace Action (San Mateo, CA)
  189. Peace Action Maine
  190. Peace Action New Mexico
  191. Peace Action (Stamford/Greenwich, CT)
  192. Peace Action (Washington DC)
  193. Peace Action Wisconsin
  194. PEACEIncorporated (Fayetteville, AR)
  195. Peace Farm (Panhandle, TX)
  196. Peace Foundation Aotearoa/New Zealand
  197. Peace Moves Coalition (Cornwall, England)
  198. Peninsula Peace & Justice Center (Palo Alto, CA)
  199. People for Nuclear Disarmament  (Australia)
  200. Performers and Artists for Nuclear Disarmament (Cleveland, OH)
  201. Pikes Peak Justice and Peace Commission (Colorado Springs, CO)
  202. Portland Greens, (OR)
  203. Portsmouth/Piketon Residents for Environmental Safety & Security (OH)
  204. Prairie Island Coalition (Minneapolis, MN)
  205. Progressive Secretary
  206. Promoting Enduring Peace (Woodmont, CT)
  207. Proposition One Committee (Washington DC)
  208. Radical Unschoolers for Justice
  209. Reality News Network (West Palm Beach, FL)
  210. Redwood Peace Coalition (Arcata, CA)
  211. Resource Center for Peace & Justice (Cape Cod, MA)
  212. Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center (Boulder, CO)
  213. Sacred Earth & Space Plowshares
  214. San Francisco Bay Area Progressive Challenge (CA)
  215. San Jose Peace Center (CA)
  216. Sarasota County Green Party (FL)
  217. Save the World (Nepal)
  218. Scientists for Indigenous People
  219. Seedcorn (Potsdam, N.Y.)
  220. Sisters of Charity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Dubuque, IA)
  221. Sisters of Loretto Disarmament/Economic Conversion Committee
  222. Sisters of St. Joseph of Carondelet (St. Louis Province)
  223. Sisters of the Presentation (Fargo, N.D.)
  224. Social Action Committee of the Allen Avenue Unitarian Universalist Church (Portland, Maine)
  225. Social Justice Committee of the Berkeley Fellowship of Unitarian
    Universalists (CA)
  226. SomewhereReal (UK)
  227. South Berkshire Greens (N.Y.)
  228. South Dakota Peace and Justice Center
  229. Southeastern Yearly Meeting (Quakers)
  230. SS. Francis & Therese Catholic Worker (Worcester, MA)
  231. St. Louis Economic Conversion Project (MO)
  232. Students Taking Action for a New Democracy (University of Akron, OH)
  233. Swedish Peace Committee
  234. The Peace Center (Langhorne, PA)
  235. The Who’s Counting Project (CA)
  236. Theosophical Order of Service Peace Department (Tucson, AZ)
  237. Third Millennium Foundation (Auburn, WA)
  238. Thomas Merton Center  (Pittsburgh, PA) 
  239. Tompkins County Network for Peace & Justice (N.Y.)
  240. Tri-Valley CAREs (Livermore, CA)
  241. 20/20 Vision of Washington State
  242. U.S. Peace Council
  243. Unitarian Society Social Responsibility Committee (Hartford, CT)
  244. Veterans for Peace (Albuquerque, N.M.)
  245. Veterans for Peace (Gainesville, FL)
  246. Veterans for Peace (Green Mountain Chapter, Vermont)
  247. Veterans for Peace, Inc.
  248. Veterans for Peace (Ipswich, MA)
  249. Veterans For Peace (Lake Superior Region, MN)
  250. Veterans for Peace (Minneapolis, MN)
  251. Volunteers for Peace (Belmont, VT)
  252. Voices in the Wilderness (Chicago, IL)
  253. WAND (Metro Detroit, MI)
  254. WAND (New York City)
  255. WAND of Northern Indiana
  256. Washington Physicians for Social Responsibility (Seattle)
  257. West Midlands Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (Birmingham, U.K.)
  258. Wide World Peace Puppetry (Albuquerque, NM)
  259. WILPF (Cape Cod, MA)
  260. WILPF (Fresno, CA)
  261. WILPF (Santa Cruz, CA)
  262. WILPF (Seattle, WA)
  263. WILPF (U.S. Section)
  264. WILPF (West Palm Beach, FL)
  265. Wisconsin Mfd Homeowners Association, Inc.
  266. Women for Peace (Berkeley, CA)
  267. Women Speak Out for Peace & Justice (Cleveland, OH)
  268. World Peace 911
  269. World Peacemakers  (Germantown, MD)
  270. World Peace Now (Tampa, FL)
  271. Yorkshire CND (England)
  272. Young Koreans United of U.S.A.  (Chicago, IL)
  273. Youth Approach for Development & Cooperation (Bangladesh)
  274. Youth Group of the Osaka Peace & Justice Committee (Japan)

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