30 April 2003
The Sisters are out on Personal Recognizance and more!!
From Bill Sulzman

Sisters Carol Gilbert O.P., Jackie Hudson O.P. and Ardeth Platte O.P.  have completed nearly 7 months of incarceration at the Clear Creek County Jail.  The Sisters requested and received a PR bond, at 10:30,  April 30, that commits them  to return for sentencing on July 25th before Judge Robert Blackburn in the Denver Federal District Court.  At the conclusion of the hearing they were able to talk with reporters for more than an hour outside the courthouse.
Prosecutor Robert Brown has verbally stated that the Sisters face 8 years imprisonment.  In his written statement to the Court on April 14th he records sentencing guidelines and points for charges totaling 78 - 97 months for Sisters Carol and Ardeth and 70 - 87 or 63 - 78 months for Sister Jackie.
With these announcements and no word regarding the new motions for acquittal, mistrial or new trial, the Sisters feel they need release from incarceration for the following reasons:
1.  To take time to retreat and pray with their communities and congregation of Sisters for spiritual strength through years of imprisonment.
2. To bring closure and say farewell to family members and friends dying of old age and cancer.
3.  To divest of any material goods for distribution to people - made poor in their neighborhoods.
4.  To take care of personal medical needs before sentencing and imprisonment.
5.  To say thank you, extend gratitude personally to peace makers and people of Colorado for their faithful support and encouragement.  For more information:

Bill Sulzman
P.O. Box 915
Colorado Springs, CO 80901

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