11 May 2005
NASA’s Prometheus Nuclear Propulsion Work Questioned
Leonard David


A Member of Congress is expressing “grave concerns” over NASA’s Project Prometheus nuclear rocket program.

Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney, representing the 4th District of Georgia, is spearheading an effort to find like-minded lawmakers to question the building and deployment of “a nuclear propulsion rocket” – and to protect the public “from the potential of a catastrophic nuclear accident posed by the Prometheus Project.”

In a “Dear Colleague” letter dated May 5 to other members of Congress, Representative McKinney is seeking the support of Members of Congress “for shifting Federal funding from the development of nuclear propulsion systems to research and development for solar and other alternative energy systems that can support our space program.

McKinney has also prepared a letter for co-signing by her colleagues addressed to new NASA chief, Michael Griffin. “If NASA insists on pursuing this dangerous idea,” the correspondence requests that the Environmental Impact Statement for Project Prometheus also address the military application of the nuclear space work.

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