4 February 2005
Schriever III Wargame To Test Space Systems
Defense Daily

Air Force Space Command (AFSPC) officials are planning tomorrow to begin their third space wargame called "Schriever III," during which U.S. forces posing as aggressors will counter friendly space forces.

Top Pentagon leaders have since operations in Afghanistan highlighted the importance of reliable support from space systems in military conflict.

Additionally, commanders have hailed the precision timing and navigation data provided by the spaceborne GPS as key to future warfighting scenarios.

Previous wargames in 2001 and 2003 provided senior leaders a better look at space requirements and capabilities, according to an Air Force Space Command announcement.

The wargame will include participation from 20 agencies and 250
military and civilian experts.

Also, officials from Australia, Canada and Great Britain will participate.

Scenarios for the wargame are classified, according to AFSPC. However, officials have recently put more focus on the ability of the United States to protect friendly space assets at the forefront.

Those efforts include investments in systems that will both monitor the status of friendly satellites as well as those that are questionable or unfriendly.


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