The dangerous business of making the heavens a war zone

CovertAction Quarterly, No.70, April-June 2001, pages 26-33

by Karl Grossman

Karl Grossman shows how the Bush-Cheney White House has close links to the corporate Star Warriors - and an arms race in space could be the costly consequence.

SUMMARY: The blueprint for the U.S. space military program is revealed in the report of the "Space Commission" chaired by Donald Rumsfeld, now installed as the Bush-Cheney administration's Secretary of Defense.

"In the coming period," states the report, issued January 11, 2001, "the U.S. will conduct operations to, from, in and through space in support of its national interests both on the earth and in space." The report urges that the U.S. president "have the option to deploy weapons in space to deter threats to and, if necessary, defend against attacks on U.S. interests."

It is an option to which the new administration might be particularly well-disposed. The new Republic administration brings a foreign policy platform written by a top executive of Lockheed Martin, a kingpin in U.S. space warfare operations. Dick Cheney was a board member of star wars giant TRW. His wife, Lynne, was on the board of Lockheed Martin until January this year.

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