Statement on House & Senate Armed Services Committee

September 8 2001

By Bruce Gagnon


On September 7 the Senate Armed Services Committee voted 13-12, along party lines, to recommend $7 billion in 2002 for Star Wars research and development.  The recommendation would have the funds transfered to other Pentagon priorities.

While the Democrats on the committee stated that the $7 billion would be a cut from Bush's requested amount of $8.3 billion, they also reassured the public that it was still a 37% increase over Ballistic Missile Defense Organization (BMDO) funding levels in 2001.

Sen. Jack Reed (D-RI) told a news conference that the $7 billion would still provide large increases for both Theatre Missile Defense (TMD) and National Missile Defense (NMD).

The House Armed Services Committee, on August 1 recommended $8.2 billion for BMDO in 2002.

The full House and Senate still have to debate the 2002 funding levels in the coming weeks and several amendments will be expected as opponents attempt to seriously cut Star Wars funding.

The Global Network maintains that research and development for all BMDO programs must be zero funded if we are to prevent an arms race in space. Just the process alone of Pentagon and aerospace corporation Star Wars research and development is destabilizing as the message is sent to the rest of the world that the U.S. intends to follow through with plans for "control and domination" of space.

History shows that with each advancement of weapons technology a new arms race has always followed.  We urge all concerned citizens to do all they can to oppose all BMDO funding for 2002 and beyond.

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