28 November 2016
Raytheon to provide Patriot missile capability for undisclosed country
By Ryan Maass
Space Daily

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Andover, Mass. (UPI) - Raytheon has received a $225 million contract to provide additional Patriot missile capabilities for an undisclosed customer.

The buyer is a member of the 13-nation group participating in the Patriot Integrated Air and Missile Defense System program. While Raytheon officials did not hint at the identity of their customer, they say their product was chosen for its defensive capabilities.

"Our customer chose to continue investing in Patriot because Patriot saves lives," Raytheon Integrated Air and Missile Defense vice president Ralph Acaba said in a press release. "That added capability will strengthen our customer's protection against the evolving threats of tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles and enemy aircraft."

The contract for the missile capabilities was signed 45 days after Poland requested the same product from the United States government, and when Raytheon received another contract from the Netherlands to upgrade their own systems.

The Patriot missile defense system is a long-range, high-altitude missile system designed to counter tactical ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, in addition to remotely piloted and manned aircraft. The system has been tested over 2,500 times with U.S. Army oversight.

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