Articles from Information Network of Engineers and Scientists Against Proliferation (INESAP)
Bulletin No. 17, August 1999;
& Conference "Space Use & Ethics: Criteria for the Assessment of Future Space Projects"
Organized by IANUS, peace groups from Darmstadt, Mutlangen and the Global Network,
March 1999

Front Page

1. Space Use and Ethics - Much Ado About a Conference by Regina Hagen, Jürgen Scheffran

1.1 Space Role in ALLIED FORCE Extensive - Effective United States Space Command, News Release No. 11-99, June 17, 1999

2. START II and the ABM Treaty by Anatoli Diakov and Paul Podvig

3. Russian Initiatives on Nuclear Arms in Cologne Center for Policy Studies in Russia (PIR)

3.1 ABM Treaty Modification Recent Developments

4. Missile Defense, Nuclear Disarmament and International Stability Lessons from the Cold War by Jürgen Scheffran

5. Demands on Future Space Research and Policy by Regina Hagen

6. Dual Use of Satellite Remote Sensing by Wulf von Kries

7. Peaceful Uses of Outer Space and International Law by Hans-Joachim Heintze

7.1 The Göttingen Draft Treaty to Ban Space Weapons

8. Development of Antiballistic Missile Systems vs. the Prevention of an Arms Race in Outer Space by Wang Xiaoyu