HAARP Transmitter now running at full power !!

Can be Easily Heard Around the World on Shortwave Radio. Has Space War Begun?

July 14, 2001

BJNews by Marshall Smith

As of this morning, Saturday Feb 17, 2001, HAARP began doing testing with greatly  increased FULL power. The transmitter can now be heard all day long on 3.39 MHz. Very early this morning about 3 AM, HAARP could be heard at it's "old" normal signal  strength. About 4 AM the signal changed in both its pulse timing and inter-pulse spacing. At 4:30 AM the signal strength suddenly increased tremendously.

Unlike previous mornings, there was no regular F-layer daytime fade out when the sun rose here in California about 6:45 AM. I continued to monitor during the daylight. I have never heard the HAARP signal during the daytime before. The sun now rises in Gakona Alaska about 10 AM PST. The received signal again increased from about S5 to S9 at 10:05 AM. With sunlight at both the transmitter and receiver there is no F-layer skip to bend the powerful signal around the planet. This means this is an extremely powerful direct groundwave signal. And I'm only receiving the leakage off the side lobes of the antenna array.

The full HAARP design power is supposed to be about 350 Megawatts. But that is only the published spec, not necessarily what is done in practice (as in those CB'rs running illegal 1KWatt linear amplifiers). There is a planned Air Force "Star Wars" test with two vehicles, one from California and the other in the south Pacific, similar to last summer's failed test. The tentative published launch is set for late March or April. I will monitor HAARP to confirm it is running full power during the launch, as it was last summer.

Last summer's "failure" is exactly what a HAARP device is supposed to do; destroy the electronic controls of a vehicle so the second stage cannot separate from the booster. A very cheap, simple way to knock down missiles launched from anywhere on the planet. It also can destroy military satellites in low orbit. Maybe that's why the Russians and Chinese have been complaining in the last several weeks about Bush's intention to "build" the star wars system. Maybe they've been losing some of their "secret hardware." But of course, they won't say that in public.

Its now 11 AM PST, on Saturday the 17th, and the signal is blasting in with the powerful pre-pulse tone around S+20 and the main signal about S9. The signal varies 3 to 6 db over a series of several pulses. Since this is not due to F-layer skip fading, I must assume they are slewing the beam of the antenna in various directions, and thus changing the amount of the side lobes in this direction. This must be a test of a simulated space warfare game with multiple targets. Rapid slewing of the antenna in just a matter of a minute or two is not useful for submarine communication, nor for their stated purpose of doing "ionospheric research."

To show the HAARP signal is abnormally large, at this time, the 80 meter band is silent and WWV at 5 MHz cannot be heard, as would be expected during the daytime. WWV at 10 MHz is barely heard but does not even register on the S meter. Tuning back to 3.39 MHz, the S meter jumps off the top of the scale. Even the extremely powerful Russian “woodpecker” transmitters during the cold-war never did that, and they were aimed along the ground not out into space. I have no way to estimate how many Gigawatts that represents.

It may be only coincidence but just several days ago, Russia announced it will be conducting a massive space war game, including the launch of numerous missiles, from both ground sites and submarines. Of course this is only a coincidence. You Think. For more information about HAARP, how the transmitter works and to hear what the transmitter sounds like, go back to the Brother Jonathan Gazette front page article about the HAARP facility and how it is used in space warfare.

I should point out in 1983 a number of Air Force ER-135 electronic warfare planes were shot down in the Sea of Japan. They were apparently making a covert entry into soviet airspace to test the latest Russian technology. What the Air Force did not know then was the Soviets had developed a stealth fighter so the 135's never saw the Russians coming and all 5 of the US e-warfare planes were shot down. To cover this "covert" event, the US shot down a 747, a plane similar to the 135's (or modified Boeing 707's whose parts are very similar to a 747) so if plane parts are found in the Sea of Japan they are claimed to be the 747. The 747 may, in fact, have played a part in the covert event. This is the supposed "Russian" shoot down of Korean Airlines Flight 007, on Sept 1, 1983. I remember the event well, since it is my son's b-day.

The proof of a covert event with stealth Russian fighters shooting down 5 Air Force ER- 135's is documented in R.W. Johnson's book, SHOOTDOWN, published in 1986. The most convincing evidence is the strange fact that 27 US active duty electronic warfare officers somehow end up on the passenger list among the dead on the civilian KAL Flight 007 going to Korea. I only point this out to show how high tech secret warfare between Russia and the US may result in deaths and the destruction of hardware, and yet is never reported to the public.

The US did not announce and demonstrate deployment of its own stealth fighters until the Gulf War in '90-91, seven years later. In 1991, three events occurred,

(1) the US demonstrates stealth fighter-bombers which can travel anywhere in the world without detection,
(2) the announcement of the construction of HAARP which would neutralize all soviet missiles coming over the pole, and
(3) the collapse of the Soviet Union.

To see these as unrelated events is to miss the point of history. At the present time, both the Russian's and Chinese have demonstrated their ability and inclination to engage in warfare, especially space warfare. It would thus seem clear the "coincidence" of the massive Russian war games and the sudden increase in the output of HAARP in a warfare mode, would indicate that on this Presidents Day Weekend 2001, warfare is actually occurring, not just games. Just as in 1985, when planes were destroyed and US airmen died, the story was completely covered up, but it nonetheless had great implications on the relations between the governments of the world.

There are, of course, no airmen on the Russian missiles, nor the Chinese and Russian satellites in orbit. This is the new hi-tech robotic remote control warfare of outer space. But, the "war games" are real, nonetheless. The massive increase in the output of HAARP, under the control of the Air Force's Space Vehicles Command which operates HAARP and has the mission of engaging in space warfare, would indicate a lot of expensive space hardware is now biting the dust. The Russians will claim their exercise was a "success." The Chinese who have just lost their "eyes in orbit” will say nothing. And the US will claim, as usual, "What, who me? HAARP hasn't been in operation since October '99." But you can listen for yourself on any shortwave receiver by tuning to 3.390 MHz. Good Listening.

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