(As performed at the GN Conference 2004)



In 1964 on a sunny April day
A rocket didn’t make it to orbit and fell from the sky
A military satellite payload, that’s all they’d say
Atomic power system on board: the SNAP 9-A ...

As it disintegrated and burned it spread its load
Two pound of hot plutonium seeds were sown around
The soil in every continent and every latitude
Was later found to harbour the trace of the SNAP-9A ...

In one day we got twice as much fallout from SNAP-9A
As thirty years of nuclear tests in the atmosphere
And while we think Chernobyl was bad, and it was, to be sure
The deadly stuff Chernobyl put out: SNAP-9A twenty times more ...

Who built that faulty rocket? Who made the SNAP-9A?
Who else would shower us all with plutonium? The name’s GE
And now we plan to launch a lot more with plutonium on board
A one in thirty chance each explode like the SNAP-9A ...

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