Three Sisters from Sacred Earth and Space Plowshares Arrested at N-8 Missile Silo Near Greeley

7 October, 2002

Contact:  Jonah House, 410-233-6238

Greeley, Colo. - Three Dominican sisters involved in the Sacred Earth and Space Plowshares action at Peterson Air Force Base two years ago - Ardeth  Platte, Carol Gilbert, and Jackie Hudson - were arrested Sunday, Oct. 6 after entering the N-8 missile silo in northern Colorado.  They were charged with state felonies for trespass and criminal mischief, but are expecting additional federal felony charges. Sr. Ardeth Platte said that the group took documents with them, detailing the merger of Space Command and Strategic Command.  In the new Air Force, she said, the intercontinental weapons of death have direct connections to the pre-emptive warfare plans enacted at Peterson, Schriever, Cheyenne Mountain, Buckley, and Offut Air Force Bases.  Platte, Gilbert, and Hudson were transferred from the sheriff's office to a local jail in Greeley Sunday afternoon.

Two of the sisters - Carol Gilbert and Ardeth Platte -  are part of the Jonah House Community  in Baltimore, Maryland;  Jackie Hudson, is a member of Ground Zero in Poulsbo, WA. All three were on the site for several hours, and, in an act of disarmament,  hammered on the tracks that carry the lid of the silo to its firing position. They then  poured their own blood on the tracks and the silo, and took down a section of the fence surrounding the site. Jonah House received a phone call about 5:00 p.m. Sunday, October 6, from Sr. Gilbert. She reported that they were awaiting transport to the local jail in Greeley, CO.

The substance of that telephone call follows below, as reported by friends at the Jonah House Community:

We got a phone call about 5:00 p.m. today from Carol. She reported that she, Ardeth, and Jackie were en route to the Women's Detention Center in Greeley CO. They were indicted by the state of CO (to date) for felony destruction (of, it seems, a farmer's fence); further charges are anticipated when they appear in court in the a.m.


The story Carol Gilbert shared went something like this:

At 7:30 this morning (Sunday, October 6, 2002)  they cut through a gate and entered a missile silo site N-8 near Greeley CO. They walked a bit further and cut through a second gate and entered the silo area. Upon arriving inside the silo, they used their hammers to hammer on the tracks (on which the lid of the silo is pulled to the side to allow the missile to be released); they also hammered on the silo itself. They used their blood to make the sign of the cross on the tracks and on the silo.  They then began defencing - cutting through the fence in 3 places.

Upon completing the action, they began their liturgy. They were able to complete the liturgy and sing many songs and hymns before they saw air force personnel in the distance. By 8:30 they were ringed with humvees and machine guns pointed at them by military personnel.

They were placed under arrest; at some time in the process they were questioned by the FBI; they gave those important persons only their names (but maybe their addresses) and that was all. Never being very fast, it was 5:00 p.m. before they were ready to be shipped to the local jail.

The only other piece of information that we got from Carol was that the 3 were dressed in white mop up suits - as used by crews doing toxic clean up. On the back of their suits they had stenciled:   CWIT (Citizen Weapons Inspection Team); on the front they had stenciled:  Disarmament Specialists.

All three are well, in good health, grateful, ready, interested in all their friends. Attached are their statement and a photo of the 3 Dominican sisters.

Love to you.
Liz et al at Jonah House


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