Local Reports on Star Wars Call-in Days

April 6 2002

Below is a small sample of local reports (from Goshen, Indiana and Ithaca, New York) about what they did on the recent Star Wars Congressional Call-In Days.  Citizen action still can make a difference.

1) Hello: I'm here in Goshen, Indiana and appreciate your alerts. Our Congregation, College Mennonite, held and supported a "pray and fax" day along with other churches in the region. Manned fax machines were set up in the church to assist interested persons speak out (to congressmen, etc) against the proposed missile defense program----many, many faxes were sent.

Luke Birky, Seniors for Peace
Goshen, IN.

2) A brief report about this week's phone experience at the Coop in Ithaca --a total of five hours was covered.  We had a table right next to pay phone with Working Assets Calling Card in hand and asked people if they'd be willing to call Hinchey, Schumer and Clinton.  Our experience wasn't real positive in terms of getting people to actually call from the Coop.  A total of nine calls were made from the Coop itself by three different people calling all three reps.  Approximately ten other people promised that they would call the Reps when they got home. I might add that the info about who to call and roughly what to say was sent to at least 1,000 people on various email listserves around town/the county.  So it's very difficult to measure how many phone calls were actually made.

We decided to also have a complimentary action of postcards that people could sign and we would send. We were able to get 170 (!) postcards filled out.   Approximately 1/3 to Congressman Hinchey, 1/3 to Senator Schumer, and 1/3 to Senator Clinton.  We will be sending these postcards out individually...all individually stamped.  We had a can that people could make donations to. Was very easy to raise money -- approximately 70 dollars in the five hours.  Overall, people are *very grateful* that someone was out there doing this!! (As an aside, Bruce Gagnon was recently on Alternatives Radio in Ithaca which quite a few people seemed to have heard and
certainly didn't hurt our cause!)  We had our brochures which are a good balance between local info re: National Missile Defense and the International groups info.  As well, we had copies of book--Weapons in Space--and bumper stickers for sale.

We also had blank postcards that could be filled out by those who are not represented by Hinchey in Congress--we are in an area where many people live on dividing lines.  Since Hinchey recently sent a letter to one of our main organizers in Keep Space for Peace Ithaca saying that he would be contacting Congressman Kucinich about cosponsoring HR 3616, we had a postcard that said:

Dear Congressman Hinchey,

Thank you for your support for HR 3616, the Space Preservation Act of 2002. By consponsoring this bill, you are contributing to the struggle to create a peaceful, cooperative world. It is also an important message to people around the world. Americans want to keep space for peace.

Besides thanking you, I would like to urge you to speak to your colleagues in Congress about cosponsoring HR 3616. Specifically, I urge you to speak to Senators Clinton and Schumer to encourage them to introduce legislation in the Senate as a companion to Representative Kucinich's House Bill.

Please do what you can to convince other represenatives to join us in resisting the growing militarism of the American government.

Sincerely, ........

Pete Meyers
Ithaca, New York


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