Prison letter from Jackie Hudson

22 December 2002

This is the first of 3 letters that Jackie plans to send out over the next month or so. Dealing with the vagarries of life in jail can be annoying. The women and the men had to trade cell blocks 3 times in the last nine days. The phone system was down for 1 week so no one could make a call out, even to their lawyers. Even so, she, Carol and Ardeth continue to be in good spirits and good health.

“The very essence of the Nuremberg Charter is that individuals have international duties which transcend national obligations of obedience imposed by the state."

-Justice Jackson, Chief Prosecutor, Nuremberg Trials

Christmas 2002

Dear Friends and Family,

It is impossible to express the gratitude I hold in my heart for all the prayers, love and support that have been showered on Carol, Ardeth, and myself.
Preparations for this Plowshares Action began months prior to October 6, 2002.
Let me first explain what is meant by a Plowshares Action. In the 79 Plowshares Actions to date, the participants use household hammers and pour their own blood on weapons or weapon's systems designed and used for massive, indiscriminate killing of God's creation. See the web site: for further information on Plowshares Actions.

This purely symbolic act of disarmament has its origins in the Christian Scriptures: Isaiah 2:4 and Micah 4:3. "…they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks; One nation shall not raise its sword against another, nor shall they train for war again."

Household hammers represent an implement used to tear down and rebuild. The use of blood has become controversial, especially since the outbreak and spread of HIV/AIDS. We do continue to use our own blood, which is tested prior to an action, to show our willingness to shed our own blood in the effort to stop the inevitable bloodshed of countless members of God's family if these weapons were to be used. The shedding of blood by Christ showed His love for all of creation. So too, we believe we are all of one blood. There is no such thing as enemywe are all brothers and sisters.

In this particular action at the N-8 Minuteman III missile silo we poured our blood in the form of a cross on the blast door, the silo cover and on the railroad tracks on the site. These tracks represented the tracks to Auschwitz, Dachau and other points of holocaust. By this action we said, "NO, NOT IN MY NAME" to the present holocaust of weapons of mass destruction.

We entered N-8 dressed in white Tyvek suits. CWIT (Citizens Weapons Inspection Team) inscribed on our backs and "Disarmament Specialist" written across our chests.

The U.S. government has demanded unlimited access to possible weapons of mass destruction sites in Iraq with the goal of disarmament.

We demand that the one nation that has used nuclear weapons and owns the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons open its sites for inspection. In this vein we clipped three sections of fence surrounding N-8 and laid them flat on the groundoffering public access to inspect one of hundreds of Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) sites.
The northeast corner of Colorado state hosts 49 Minuteman III missile silossitting on desolate ranch land and farmland. The majority of Colorado residents have no knowledge of the existence of these weapons of mass destruction sites. Other plains states host these weapons as well.

We chose a Colorado site specifically because the U.S. Space Command, which threatens domination and exploitation of outer space, is located in Colorado Springssite of our 2000 action.

In our statement, prepared prior to acting, we are clear in making the connection between the minuteman III and the US policy calling for domination and exploitation of outer space (Statement of the US Space Command, Vision for 2020).

The items we left at N-8 reveal our knowledge of Nuremberg Principles, Geneva Conventions. U.S. Constitution and various other International laws and treaties.
We know that any threat to use or use of the Minuteman III missile located at N-8 is grossly illegal an criminal specifically in violation of the "intransgressible rules and principles of humanitarian law" as described by the International Court of justice and understood by the U.S. as binding law in and for the U.S.

We acted out of what we understand is a legal right, duty or privilege to interfere with, and stop ongoing imminent threat or use of a weapon that is criminal under U.S. law. We entered N-8 with no criminal intent, but rather to uphold the law.

Lawyers from across the country have come to our defense. Anabel Dwyer, an expert in International Law and a wonderful personal friend from East Lansing, MI is facilitating the team of lawyers.

For the sake of those who have not received the information via e-mailwe are presently facing 30 years and $500,000 fines for two federal charges filed by a Grand Jury on October 21, 2002.

  1. 18 U.S.C. 2155 (sabotage)   "With the intent to injure, interfere with and obstruct the national defense of the U.S., did willfully injure, attempt to injure and contaminate any national-defense material and national-defense premise.

  2. 18 U.S.C. 136    "Did willfully injure property and commit any depredation against property of the U.S. and any agency thereof, the United States    Air Force, and against any property which has been constructed for the United States, and the United States Air Force, and such injury resulted in damage of more than $1,000.00"

We are confident that we will be acquitted of the bogus charge of sabotage if there is any Justice present in the U.S. Court System. If not, we are facing life in prisonI really don't expect to live until 98 years of age!!

I ask that you keep us in your prayers, in the Light…as we prepare for the celebration of Christ's coming as Prince of Peace.

Know that we are well and preparing the best we can for trial on March 31, 2003.
We have no needs. In response to "What can I do?" or "What can I send?" For the sake of the women in our cell block you can send used books, puzzles, or games as a donation to the Clear Creek County Jail, Inmate Library, P.O. Box 518, Georgetown, CO 80444.

If there is a special book you would like to get to one of usit must be paperback and sent directly from the publisher or a bookstore.

Blessings and Peace to each of you,

Jackie Hudson

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