Keep Space for Peace Local Action - Linz, Austria

1-2 October, 2004

From: Aurel Duta & Satomi Oba

On October 1-2, the Upper Austrian Platform Against Nulcear Danger have organised a Follow-up Symposium named 'For a Brighter Future - Strategies for a World without Nuclear Madness'.

The main theme was: 'The Lie of the Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy / Nuclear Weapons and Nulcear Power Plants - Two sides of the Same Coin'.

One of the main speakers was Dr. Alexey V. Yablokov, biologist, ecologist, member of the Russian Academy of Science, and the author of the 'Nulcear Mithology', recipient of the Nulcear-Free Award 2002.

The Governor of the Province of Upper Austria, Mr. Josef Puhringer, and the Mayor of the Upper Austrian capital of Linz, Mr. Franz Dobusch were present and gave their words of greetings to the participants of the symposium, people that came from West and East Europe, USA, Asia, and Africa.

From the Global Network, we were two representatives: Satomi Oba from Japan, and myself. We spread GN posters and leaflets in Japaneese and English, and talked to the participants about the International Days of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space .

After the Symposium, Satomi was invited to Helsinki by the Women Against Nuclear Power - Finland for meetings and lobby on the Finnish government against the nuclear power development. I am sure Satomi will send us a report on her trip to Helsinki. I was invited as well for a Pan-European Strategy Meeting on Green Efficient Eneergy, taking place in Budmerice - Slovakia, in November.

Best regards from Aurel Duta


I  was in Europe from October 1 to 8, and came home on October 9. In Linz, Austria. Aurel Duta and I attended the International Symposium "The Lie of the Peaceful Use of Atomic Energy, Nuclear Weapons and Nuclear Power Plants - Two Sides of the Same Coin" where we distributed flyers and posters to the participants. I hope that Aurel will post some photos of Linz sympoisum. It was a very fruitful one, where we decided to promote one million petition for European Union against nuclear energy. (www.
After attending the internal meeting of WISE in Linz on the next two days, I went to Helsinki, Finland by myself. It is about the project of the fifth nuclear power plant which was designed by French-German companies and involved in a Japanese company, Mitsubishi. Mitubishi Heavy Industry is now constructing the pressure vessel for the European Pressurized Water Reactor even before the official approval for the construction by the Finnish government.
I will not write about the details here, but will send you more if there is request.
The Finnish friends and I met officials of ministries of Environment, and Trade and Industry of Finland, and met six parliamentarians there. I also met some NGOs, gave them our poster, too.  I talked to them about the danger of the planned EPR, a huge reactor that the world has never had. I also empasized the Mitsubishi's role in missile defense as military industry. The staff of Finnish Peace Committee I met on the last day especially took interest in the fact.
After coming home, I found four articles on the local pages about the launching of the Japanese version of GN poster, all with photos. They are the Yomiuri, the Mainichi, Gifu and the Chugoku newspapers. The article of Chugoku (evening news) was accompanies with colored photo. You will see it at

In Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture, Ms. Takana and the Raging Grannies, with ten people, distributed 300 flyers, talking  to the passers-by on the street.

Best regards, Satomi Oba


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