International Day of Protest

Report from: Adelaide, Australia

From:  Irene Gale and others -- Australian Peace Committee (South Australian Branch) Inc.;;


Herewith some photos taken today - a very rainy day in Adelaide (some drenching showers).

The rally saw about 600 people gather in Victoria Square where they listened to speakers and a singer, before marching through town, stopping outside the Federal Parliamentary offices and then on to Parliament House, where they heard more speakers. They stayed closely involved in all of the event through many showers of rain.

The rally covered the two issues of the International Day to Stop the Militarisation of Space, and the call to stop the war against Afghanistan.

The whole event was chaired by Stephen Spence, President of the United Trades and Labour Council's International Affairs Committee and State Secretary of the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance Union (above).

In the picture below is Hilde Varney with her daughter Jackie and husband Bob.

My camera ran out of space before I could photograph the biggest anti-Star Wars banner, so that will come to you later after a photo has been arranged.

Greetings and solidarity to all those events which are soon to take place in other parts of the world!

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