International Day of Protest

Report from: Albuquerque

From: Bob Anderson

We had about 75 people today occupy four corners of a busy intersection of a city street and the entrance to Kirtland AFB at afternoon shift change time.  As hundreds of vehicles moved into and off the base where the space laser weapons systems are being designed we displayed our signs and had a good number of supportive responses.

We also had banners and signs to stop the bombing the central Asian countries and that no blood should be spilt for oil.  We stayed two hours and were met with a full response from them base terrorist team, apparently. 

On our sound system we played in between the speeches the banned Cat Stevens song "Peace Train."  The demonstrators held signs and waved banners, one group from Santa Fe had a large missile with the message "Take the toys away from the boys."  Numerous families brought children who had a good time with the speakers and banners.

Speakers from Citizens Against Radioactive Dumping, the Bernalillo County Green Party, spoke linking up their struggles to the necessity to stop the militarization of space.  Other groups like The Southwest Organizing Committee, Center for Contemplation and Action, the campus based Voices for Peace attended.  The Campus group has been holding demonstration against war since the Sep. 11 attack, the first march being over 800 people.  Many of these people attended this rally today and at the same time held a scheduled rally on campus.  At the end of the day, the two groups joined at the campus and marched for a mile along historic Route 66 and back to the campus.

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