International Day of Protest

Report from: Amherst

By Charlie

Dedicated supporters and inspired passersby joined hands at a closing circle in Amherst, Mass. after a full afternoon of activities engaging about 200 people.
Photo by Charlie Jenks, of Traprock Peace Center.

On October 13 in Amherst, Massachusetts area groups asserted, "Another World is Possible - Star Wars Won't Protect US!" About two hundred people participated from 11 am to 5 pm. 

We had literature tables, a sukkah hut to express our common vulnerability with the world's poor, discussions, a collection for children's peace books, help to fold paper cranes, a peace walk and Buddhist prayer vigil, lively world beat drumming, many wonderful announcements of next steps, and a surprise performance by a traveling street theater troup called Perpetual Motion, who just finished a 3-week bicycle tour of Vermont.

 Eight speakers linked news about space-based weapons to a wide range of issues: personal choices regarding transportation; news of food drops in Afghanistan feeding 37,000 near mine fields, as compared to UN efforts using ground transportation which had had fed millions; the power of media to create illusion; the export of terrorism at the School of the Americas at Fort Benning Georgia; the courageous words of Barbara Lee; and the good news we don't hear enough.

Representatives of local political parties were invited. The Greens and Socialist expressed their support. Sponsors included AFSC, CPPAX Nuclear Weapons Abolition Task Force, Fly-By News, the Leverett Peace Pagoda, Traprock Peace Center and the Western Mass Global Action Coalition.

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