International Day of Protest

Report from: Buckley AFB

By bob kinsey

In Aurora, Colorado 106 people marched from Lockheed-Martin to TRW to Raytheon to Buckley AFB to say that our propensity for a policy of military domination rather that any real direction of justice for all the earth's people are flowing US tax resources in the wrong direction, into the pockets of the well to do and away from life building options.

All told, 111 actions took place around the globe, protesting the USA intention to militarize space, build National Missile Defense, (as if this could have prevented 9/11, and USA unilateral development of new nuclear weapons), abrogation of treaties such as the International Criminal Court, the ABM, the Kyoto Treaty, and the landmine treaty.

On August 27, it should be noted, State Department spokesman Richard Boucher said that "Israel needs to understand that targeted killings of Palestinians don't end the violence but are only inflaming an already volatile situation and making it much harder to restore calm" in the Middle East.

Police and protestors in front of Lockheed-Martin building

While Mr. Boucher repeated the administration's frequent appeal to the Palestinian Authority to take "sustained and credible steps" to arrest those responsible for terrorism, he also  noted, "If the situation on the ground is to improve, then Israel must also take the economic and security steps that are necessary to alleviate the pressure, the hardship and the humiliations of the Palestinian population."

One wonders how US policy in Afghanistan might be different  now if we  took our own State Department advice and applied it to our past and continued actions in relation to Iraq and Afghanistan.  One wonders if the World Trade Towers would still be standing and more than 6,000 Americans would be still living if we had taken this advice last year.  And one remembers that there was a Presidential Candidate running in the last election pledged to do just these things.  He got neither press nor votes from a complacent, uninformed American public.  His name is Ralph Nader.

Bob Kinsey
Peace and Justice Task Force,
Rocky Mountain Conference,
United Church of Christ


19,000 children will die today because of the way we have designed the modern economic world, including 200 in Iraq as a result of US/UK economic sanctions and bombing

From Bill Sulzman: Over a hundred folks took part in a two hour rally and march (see above).  Bill Sulzman of Citizens for Peace in Space spoke about the international activities going on around the globe.  Ron Forthofer, Green party candidate for congress in the last election spoke on the human needs angle.  Rich Andrews, Ken Seaman and Susan Gordon spoke at each of the corporate stops tying in Lockheed Martin, TRW and Raytheon to both the arms race in space and the current war in Afghanistan.  About half the crowd stayed on after the 2 hour event to continue on to the main gate at Buckley (a mile and a half additional walk)  There was a heavy police presence but no incidents occurred.

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