International Day of Protest

Report from: Mendocino Peace Circle

About 40 people came and went, there was a talk by John Lewallen on weapons in space, lots of good discussion, prayers, chanting, and wonderful drumming.

Carol Wolman

"Advice from the drums"
Mendocino peace circle,  Big River Beach,
October 13th, 2001

1) To the President-  Stick to your word.  You say this is a battle of freedom vs. fear -  defend the freedom of Americans against those within your circle who seek to strip us of our civil liberties.  Feed the hungry Afghani children, all of them, every day, enough to prevent slow starvation and malnutrition.  Listen to the peace movement- we are your best friends in the war against terrorism.  You cannot afford a divided country now.

2) To the Senate- reclaim your power by passing a "sense of the Senate resolution" asking the President to declare No first use of weapons of mass destruction in the war against terrorism.  This will give him a counterbalance to the fools in the Pentagon who are yelling "nuke 'em", a step which would make the USA the permanent bad guy.

3) To the press- tell the truth and inform the people.  Do your job, don't remain an instrument of corporate propaganda.  Report on the American peace movement fully and respectfully- we need the balance and we don't want our country polarized, as in Vietnam days- this plays into the hands of the terrorists. 

(Must read -  an excellent background piece in the NY Times, entitled  "Failure to Heed Signs of Change in Terror Goals" -

4) To the American peace movement- we can't lose this one, or it's all over.  It's our job to be the conscience of America, to help this country acknowledge its own terrorism in third world countries all over the globe, and its cynical use of religious fanatics for corporate purposes, thus creating its own enemies.  It's our job to reclaim the American government for the people of this democratically founded union.  We have to do this without polarizing the country- that's what the terrorists want- let's not help them.  It's our job to set an example of nonviolence, and to talk to our militaristic neighbors and convince them that we cannot afford WWIII.  It's our job to signal to the world outside the USA that there is a peace movement here, telling the truth and restraining the administration from doing its worst.

Let's not get paranoid - that gives away our power- it's called projection.  Let's behave civilly - refrain from burning flags and other provocations.  Let's know our facts and not spread false rumors.  Let's try to understand the terrorists and respect their goals - self-determination and freedom from Western corporate hegemony for the Muslim peoples of the world-  while despising their methods and ruthlessness.  Let's grow our peace movement with truth, love, and respect for the basic values of America - freedom, compassion, openness to all peoples.

Let's pray to God that He will preserve his creation, and use us as instruments of His peace.  Let's have faith that He is on our side and that we will prevail.

Deo gratias.

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