International Day of Protest

Report from: Munich

By Wolfgang Schlupp

In Munich gathered 300 to 400 hundred people to protest against the star war plans and the ongoing war against Afghanistan. Speaches were held by two members of the American peace comitte Munich, by an Israeli peace activist and Wolfgang Schlupp-Hauck member of the advisory board of the Global Network. The conection between the thinking of dominating space and earth was drawn in all speeches. There was the demand of fighting terrorism not with bombs but with international law. Also soldiers were ask to disobey their orders and leave the military.

Texts of the main speaches will follow soon.

Wolfgang Schlupp-Hauck
Pressehuette Mutlangen


John Otranto and I both spoke at the Oct 13 rally here in Munich.  I spoke in German, pleading for a paradigm shift to face our real problems on this planet, that we need to invest not in star wars, but in spaceship planet earth.  If we keep ignoring the real threats toour existence, such as the systematic depletion or destruction of the web of life, the atmosphere, the ground water, agricultural zones (which will change with global warming), etc, we will be in very big trouble.

Thanks again
Patricia Biondo


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