International Day of Protest

Report from: Portland, Oregon

By Carol Reilley Urner

In Portland Oregon about seventy marchers joined the Portland Coalition Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space in a walk across the Burnside Bridge (spanning the Willamette River) and around the Saturday public craft market. Colorful flags carried pictures of doves and slogans "Keep Space for Peace" and "Peace on Earth." A large cloth banner urged passers by to "Stop Military Madness!  Say No to Missile Defense!"  Other walkers carried cardboard "missiles" bearing the slogan "No to missile defense."

Flyers were distributed warning Portlanders of the dangerous plans of the Pentagon and aerospace industries to militarize space, defying UN treaties in the effort to "control" and "dominate" space to protect our "national interests and investments."

The flyers also invited Portlanders to attend a forum with Bruce Gagnon on October 19 and a teach-in on militarism and weapons in space on October 20. About 200 people attended the first event and 70 the latter.  A local radio station recorded and is broadcasting excerpts from all three events, as well as an interview with Bruce Gagnon. The video "Star Wars Returns" was also shown at a Green Party/Portland Peaceful Response teach-in on October 13.

Sponsors of the four events were Oregon Peace Works, the Portland Physicians for Social Responsibility, the Womens International League for Peace and Freedom (Portland Branch),  Unitarian Peace Action and Multnomah Meeting of Friends (Quakers).

Portland Women's International League for Peace and Freedom has been distributing the national WILPF leaflet against "War in Space" at their weekly vigil for the past month.

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