International Day of Protest -

Report from: Saintes, France

From Jean-Marie

On Saturday October 13th 2001, ACDN (Action of the Citizens for Nuclear Disarmament) held a general meeting in the early afternoon in Saintes (FRANCE).

Because ACDN's Appeal for a referendum for a total, universal and controlled chemical, biological and nuclear disarmament has had no effect so far, because the Article VI of the Non Proliferation Treaty has never been implemented so far, and regarding the recent tragic events on September 11th, ACDN's members have voted for the candidacy of their president, Jean-Marie Matagne, for the 2002 presidential elections in France, thus hoping to have the nuclear disarmament issue heard and discussed on the public scene, and perhaps to change the French policies.

Following this general assembly, a public debate entitled " Neither terrorism, nor nuclear terror : building together a world without wars" took place. ACDN, which is a member of ABOLITION 2000, had already organized such an event last year, on October 7th 2000, by solidarity with the Global Network against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space.

The civil anti-nuclear network "Sortir du nucléaire" (Going out of the Nuclear Era) had been invited to take part to the discussion. One of its representatives, Stéphane Lhomme, intervened along with Jean-Marie Matagne to introduce and launch the debate. It was the second time ACDN and "Sortir du Nucléaire" met -the first time was in May 2001, in Saintes, during the Nuclear Disarmament Days, thus combining their forces to explain and denounce the uselessness and the dangers of the nuclear industry, both civil and military.

Around 50 people attended the debate, where Jean-Marie Matagne publicly announced ACDN's decision to submit his candidacy to the 2002 presidential elections. Finally the day ended with a march to Saintes' war memorial where candles were lit in memory of all victims of wars and terrorism all around the world.

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