International Day of Protest -

Report from: Seoul

By Cheong Wooksik

The October 13 Statement of the Korean Committee against MD and for Peace

It has been one month since the terrorists attacked World Trade Center and the Pentagon on 11 September. This is the fifth day since the US initiated their attack on Afghanistan in the name of anti-terror. We send our condolences from the bottom of our hearts to the sacrificed and show our rages to terrorists who victimize the ingenuous civilians. At the same time, we understand that the US suffers from shock and indignation but supplicates that war cannot be an answer. Regardless the aims and justifications of terrorists, just as terror that leads myriad of innocent people to death and agony is indeed dehumanizing crime, so is war that can precipitate abhorrence and antagonism in the world. No war can be justified with any reason.

In spite of the wishes of human beings, Bush Administration, finally, precipitated a retaliating war. Bush Administration chose another violence. Despite our anti-terror voices are not to agree with a retaliating war but to demand to solve the fundamental causes of antagonism and abhorrence and to inflict punishments to terrorists according to international principles and processes. This means that the US abjures the task of forming a matured civilized society by dealing with terror according to law and justice.

We are concerned about the situation that Missile Defence Deploy Plan (hereafter MD) establishment has been propelled by US leaders while the world is occupied by terror and war. Bush administration strives to establish MD with the reason of fortifying their lands although it is proved that MD project is vacuous. Moreover, Members of Parliament from Democratic Party that have criticized MD abjure their responsibility on the name of trans-party cooperation. Bush administration announces the withdrawal of ABM Treaty that has been the international cornerstone of arms control. Members of Parliament from Democratic Party also agreed to jettison articles indicating the necessity of endorsement from Parliament for MD tests and the content of curtailing budget of MD.

The current predilection shows that the US casts aside the lesson from this terror. The 9.11 terror proves that the US will not be safe even with their investment of enormous money and high technology into military. The fundamental reasons of antagonism and detestation should be recuperated and the norms of international society should be conformed. Security policy with no consideration for safety and concerns of others will not be beneficial to the US security.

We, Koreans, have the responsibility of getting over our confrontation and of contributing to peace in Asia and the world. Since the inauguration of Bush administration, the US is afraid of the ameliorating relationship between two Koreas due to the reality that US will have difficulty in establishing MD. The US has also been negative about engagement policy for North Korea. In this sense, Bush Administration may strive to approach issues of Korean Peninsula by unilateral demand and pressure, not by negotiation and mutual concession. If Bush Administration approaches the issues by coercion using overwhelmingly superior power, the tension on Korean Peninsula will be maximized.

On this International Day of Protest to Oppose the Star Wars Program and War in Central Asia, Koreans will initiate our full effort to bring about peace into this world.

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