International Day of Protest

Report from: Stockholm

By Dick Urban Vestbro

In Stockholm the following events took place last Saturday:

  • A demonstration outside the US Embassy with about 50 participants. Speaking were representatives of Women for Peace; the Social Democratic Women's Association; Helen John, known from Greenham Common; and myself, representing ARC-PEACE. The speakers focused on the program for militarization of space, but also on the bomb war against Afghanistan. The Embassy was sealed off not only by the robust permanent fences, but also by a new concrete block wall put up by the police. Only one person was allowed to pass the barriers to hand over a resolution to the guard at the entrance of the Embassy.

  • A march through Stockholm against the US war in Afghanistan with 4000 participants.

  • A meeting combined with a film show at the cinema Zita. The 29 minutes
    video "Star War Returns" was shown, after which comments were given by Helen John, Curt Riberdahl of the Lawyers against Nuclear Arms, and the undersigned representing ARC-PEACE. There was also a show of the video "Donīt trust Menwith Balls".

The events were reported in the press (which otherwise is seldom the case).

Dick Urban Vestbro,
Co-chair of ARC-PEACE International Architects Designers Planners for Social Responsibility

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