International Day of Protest

Report from: Sydney

By John Hallam

There was an excellent action here on October 13, starting 11am at Sydney Town Hall, and proceeding to the US consulate in Martin Place.

In the wake of Sept 11, a group called 'No War' has been set up which has, to tell the truth, absorbed much of my time and attention.

Dennis Doherty and myself, as organisers of October 13, got up at a meeting of that group and suggested that the planned October 13 action become the next 'No War' action.

Immediately before that date, there was en emergency rally as the first bombs dropped on Kabul.

At the October 13 action itself, I was the only speaker on Missile Defence.

The moslem community was extremely well represented, and there were many moslem speakers.

We had a total of about 2,500 people, and achieved national TV coverage on 3 out of 5 channels, as well as a lot of radio.

John Hallam

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