International Day of Protest

Report from: Western Australia


Our event - a public rally held in Pioneer Park, Fremantle (Our port just to south of Perth, the capital of W.A.) went very well last Saturday. There were around 400 people there - including several Islamic speakers - which was great to see. I was first speaker - on original issue - of why we need to oppose BMD - and how it relates to terrorism. Rachel Seiwert, Greens W.A. Senate candidate in our coming Federal election (Nov 10th), spoke very well on the issue of terrorism itself. All the other speakers addressed the latter topic - which was understandable - but i hope the message about BMD was 'taken on board' if anyone there was not already convinced!  There was a bit of street theatre, singing and poetry reading - as well the speeches - so enough variability i hope to hold people's attention. I think the the Coalition Against War & Racism did a great job organising this event.

Through MAPW (WA), enough funds were raised to place a bold but small (postcard-sized) notice in our ONE daily WA-only newspaper - so that would have got to people outside outside out usual networks. Also we had paid 'advertisements' in one local commercial radio station and one community radio station.

Hope you BIG EVENT went well - and that you are receiving much good news of the 111 events held in those 19 different countries around the world. When I said that we were a part of all that, the crowd let out a cheer!

Best wishes,

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