International Day of Protest

Report from: Woodstock, New York

By Laurie Kirby

About 50 people gathered for a Peace Vigil on the Village Green in Woodstock. This was a very good turnout for a small town and an event organized at a week's notice by word of mouth and email. The calls of the vigil were Keep Space For Peace -- Stop Star Wars, and Peace to Enhance Our Security, Not War to Diminish It. Many passers-by reacted positively, some negatively. Tourists took photos of us. A lone counter-demonstrator displayed a racist sign on the opposite side of the street.

Many of us agreed to keep in touch, so that more activities, including a teach-in, will follow from this seed. Several people expressed relief at the opportunity to express our views and be in the company of others who oppose the current war.

Laurie Kirby

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