Protest in Hartford. CT.

October 10 2000

By Martha Vinick, West Hartford

Rain was predicted for the afternoon of October 4th, and since our walk was scheduled for 4:00 pm - we were concerned. (Concerned about the weather and about whether anyone would show up but our little committee.) Thanks heaven folks did come and it didn't rain. We walked through downtown Hartford and stopped at appropriate places and read letters there. Our last stop was at Senator Liberman's office and we were all invited up to speak with his aide. Two or three people read prepared remarks from organizations (WILPF, etc) but then many spoke spontaneously - and they were wonderful - intelligent, knowledgable and brief. I was so proud of our "gang". By the time we got to our last stop on the walk, it was after 6:00 pm, so we had to grab a quick bite at Wendy's in order to get to the Trinity Church in time for the public forum.

Again, I was concerned about the turnout, but the room was filled and our speakers were excellent. In the disucssion period that followed, my husband, Buster, observed that most of us were over 60 years old and that young people had no memory of Hiroshima and therefore they were not as concerned about the issue. We had quite a discussion about how we could get the attention of that group. Our Hartford Global Network group will be working on that.

Rev. Roger Floyd, the director of Capitol Region Conference of Churches was a terrific man to work with and Joe Wasserman, who headed this effort for CRCC, was tireless. I'm sure that we will continue to work together.

Unfortunately, we didn't get as much media coverage as I had hoped for.

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