October 7 2000

from: Manfred Sauer, Andreas Pecha []

Austrian Peace Council,
A-1030 Vienna, Austria. Koelblgasse 18/1
Phone/Fax (+43-1) 796 50 21

Vienna, October 2000

Mr. Al Gore
Vicepresident of the United States and
Candidate for the office of President of the United States
001 202 456 2461

Mr. George W. Bush Jr.
Governor of Texas and
Candidate for the office of President of the United States
001 512 637 8800

Dear Sir,

Preventing a new arms race continues to be a crucial issue for the international community. The statesmen of the world therefore have the great responsibility to avoid all steps that could lead to an escalation of arms confrontation.

It is our well-considered view that the deployment of major missile defence systems would greatly intensify military confrontation and thus harm the security of all countries. The enormous spending required to build up such systems would seriously obstruct efforts to solve the humanitarian problems everywhere, in particular in the developing countries.

Therefore, we call on you to declare now your intention to desist from ordering the deployment of missile defence systems and to strive for the security of your country by intensified efforts for arms control and disarmament. Such a stance on your part would be welcomed far and wide, because it would put to rest worries now widespread - worries that the important Anti-Ballistic Missile Treaty of 1972 might be violated or abrogated, worries that major missile defence systems once deployed could promote readiness to employ missile systems - in particular with nuclear warheads - for offensive purposes.

We call on you to base your policies on the principle that security building in today's world must rely ever more on confidence building , conciliation and cooperation, replacing an unending spiral of military efforts .

Yours respectfully,

Manfred Sauer, Chairman
Andreas Pecha, Secretary

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