Protest in Bucharest

October 7 2000

from: Aurel Duta []

This is a short report on the October 7's action in Bucharest. I and another person from MAMA TERRA / For Mother Earth-Romania planned an action in front of the US Embassy. This morning, when we supposed to go to the Embassy, he changed his mind (being probably a little scared to protest against US...).

Photo by Florina Dinu

However, I went on my own, biking(!), with a banner saying: 'Stop Star Wars' on one side and 'Keep Space for Peace' on the other side. Except the guards (lots!) around the Embassy, there were very few pedestrians passing that area. So, I handed a letter of protest against the militarisation of space, addressed to the US Ambasador, at the reception of the entrance to the US Embassy.

Then I went biking around the center of Bucharest - where the Embassy is located - with the banner, spreading leaflets to inform people about our international day of protest. I stopped my trip at the internet-cafe in the center of the city (where many Romanian and international customers are using the internet connection), and I spread the last leaflets among them. I am still here at the internet-cafe, writing to you. The banner is now displayed at the entrance of this public place, so people entering can see it.

Well, it wasn't a big demostration here, but it was a beginning. I think this is the first public protest against militarisation in general since after the Romanian revolution in '89.

Looking forward to hearing news from people around the globe.

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