Demonstration in Albuquerque

October 8 2000

On Friday, 10/6, about 30 people showed up to protest in front of Lockheed Martin facility on UNM property. Passed out 200 of your brochures - had to go get copies about half way through the 2 hour protest to have enough to pass out to the folks driving by.

Crowd varied from gray hairs through toddlers. Many supportive honks from passing cars.

Lockheed-Martin official was very angry because when he spoke to me before the event, I said those of us parked in the lot would move our cars, and we planned to be mostly on the public sidewalk - but while I went off to the necessity a good sized portion of the crowd walked around the building and through the lobby, with drums and banners. Sorry I missed it! Official called the UNM police, who, after listening to both of us for a while, asked the official to please back off and not try to incite us. Asked him to go back inside, but he said he had a right to be on the sidewalk too. Then he pointed to our 77 and 80+ year old women who were sitting or leaning in the short brick wall next to the sidewalk outside the front of the facility and said that was private property and they couldn't sit there. So they came back to the sidewalk.

We laughed a lot.

KUNM FM public radio journalist came - we got 2 minutes on radio - not one other media rep showed.

Ah well.

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