Report from Leicester, England

October 7 2000

By Anna Cheetham, Leicester CND

I'm afraid that our Leicester action didn't happen. Bad weather, sickness, and me being otherwise engaged.

BUT my 'other engagement' being the exhibition I and my friend have put on HAS got three anti Star Wars pieces in it. Anne has a diptych of a large painting giving a positive view of space with below it a 'negative' with spaced based lasers in it. I have a pair of pictures called "Keep Space for Peace 1 and 2", using stamps our Post Office produced last year. I also have a photocollage of me 'doing silly things on steps' called "Making an Exhibition of Myself", the centre piece is me on the Lincoln Memorial steps, and below that at Fylingdales - in both of these wearing the T shirts which we wore in Washington. The caption gives information about the Global Network.

So not quite the same as demonstrating at a base but still 'Action'.

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