Korean-Japanese joint statement against NMD/TMD

October 7 2000

By Akira Kawasaki [kawa-pd@jca.apc.org], Cheoung Wooksik [civil@peacekorea.org]

We issue this joint statement in solidarity with the international Day of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space, when more than 57 actions in 15 countries are taking place. We oppose your proposed construction of a National Missile Defense (NMD) and Theater Missile Defense (TMD) for the following reasons:

First, the establishment of an NMD/TMD is a violation of the ABM Treaty as well as of the Outer Space Treaty (on peaceful use of outer space). It will trigger a new round of the arms race around the world, bringing us all backward toward the horror of nuclear war. Violation of the ABM Treaty would stop the START process, which is crucial to achieving the total elimination of nuclear weapons, which is the goal that the NPT State Parties committed themselves to last May.

Second, the establishment of an NMD/TMD will divert a tremendous amount of resources that should instead be used for improving the welfare and human rights of people, instead of for a useless arms race. It will seriously threaten the quality of life of humankind.

Third, the rationale of the US and Japan for the establishment of an NMD/TMD ? the alleged threat from North Korea ? is highly exaggerated.

Fourth, the establishment of an NMD/TMD will trigger another round of arms build-up and cold war in East Asia. It may also perpetuate the stay of US forces in South Korea and Japan, which has already resulted in numerous human rights abuses and national sovereignty violations.

Fifth, the establishment of the NMD/TMD, as well as the recent enforcement of US-Japan military cooperation under the new guidelines, undermines the stability of East Asia. It also has an adverse impact on the Korean people's sentiment supporting peace and reunification on the peninsula.

Sixth, the Japanese government's argument that the TMD is a system completely different from the NMD lacks credibility. The TMD would be technically incorporated into the whole NMD system, harming global peace and security.

For the above reasons, we are strongly opposed to your proposal to construct the NMD and TMD. In short, the NMD and TMD will not protect, but in fact are already threatening the lives and property of people in your country and in East Asia. Therefore we urge you to nullify the plan. Instead, we strongly call for the abolition of nuclear weapons, and for global and regional peace building.


"Campaign to Stop Nuclear Weapons and Missile Defense"

Demonstrations against National Missile Defense and Theater Missile Defense will take place in Tokyo as follows.
For details, call Akira Kawasaki at +81-(0)90-8310-5370

Oct 7, Sat. Tokyo
2pm Demonstration in front of the US Embassy
3:30pm Demonstration in front of the Prime Minister's Office

The similar actions are planned in Seoul for tomorrow.
For information, contact
Cheoung Wooksik at or +82-2-708-4173.

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