Protest at Penn State University

October 8 2000

From: Peter B. Shaw []

For four hours on the afternoon of October 7, members of the State College Peace Center braved cold air and intermittent rain to talk with people about Pentagon plans to militarize and control space. A table was set up outside Penn State's main downtown gate, adjacent to the town of State College. The latest Global Network Newsletter served as an excellent handout. A three-foot diameter, helium-filled white balloon, decorated with numerous "KEEP SPACE FOR PEACE" and "NO WEAPONS IN SPACE" statements was attached to the table and attracted some attention.

Because of the weather and lack of students due to a "fall break", the numbers were smaller than hoped for, but we talked with a number of interesting people, including the Libertarian candidate for Congress who understood and agreed with what we were saying (and also took the literature.)

At the end of the action, the balloon was attached to a nearby Raytheon subsidiary's company sign. Upon checking a few hours later, the balloon was gone, but at least they know that someone is paying attention.

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