Protest at APL

October 9 2000

From: Max Obuszewski []

There were seven of us, along with BERT the Australian Shepherd protest dog, standing against National Missile Defense on October 7 from 12 noon until 1 pm. Representatives of the Baltimore Emergency Response Network, the Jonah House and the World Policy Institute waved signs condemning weapons in space, NMD and the plan to exploit space for the military contractors.

We gathered by the entrance to the Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory, #37 on the list of the Pentagon's Top 100 Military Contractors, near Laurel, Maryland, about 20 miles south of Baltimore. The gathering was on Route 29 and John Hopkins Road. Route 29 is a major route between Baltimore and Washington, so traffic was heavy, and a number of vehicles showed support for the demonstration.

JHU-APL was once the major Star Wars contractor in the Baltimore-Washington metro area. Today, it still receives millions of dollars in contracts for ballistic misile defense.

We felt a solidarity, knowing at least 62 other communities were taking it to the streets. Then on Sunday morning, the International Day of Protest was reported on National Public Radio. The report just added to our feeling of satisfaction.

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