Protest at Adelaide

October 10 2000

Ron Gray []

We did not arrange a separate event here because there were already 3 other events organised in Adelaide for October 7th. So we (easily) got the agreement of 2 of those events' organisers to add the Anti-Star Wars action into their events. The 3rd event was not really appropriate for direct mention, but we arranged for the leaflets we'd produced from your material to be put onto one of the information stalls there.

The 2 events which made direct mention had someone read out a more detailed statement we had prepared as well as handing out the leaflets.

The Women's Song and Dance Fest (WMW2000 event) received the statement very well, and several of those present have had their organisations write to our Foreign Minister on the matter since.

The other event, the AGM of a left-wing magazine called "Options", was addressed by Ron and unanimously passed the following two resolutions, which were to be faxed off to the appropriate people that night :

  1. We call on the next president of the US to take the next step and put the NMD/Star Wars program where it belongs; in the dustbin of history, and to put a real effort into negotiating the lowest possible START-III warhead levels, implementing START-II, taking nuclear weapons off hair-trigger alert, and discharging their legal obligations to eliminate nuclear weapons.

    (Letter to be sent to the US presidential candidates)

  2. We call upon the Australian Government to follow the guidelines of the Canberra Commission, the overwhelming number of resolutions of the United Nations General Assembly, and the 92% of the Australian people who have called for our government to help negotiate a treaty for the banning and removal of all nuclear weapons, by not supporting the US Star Wars campaign.

    Further we urge our government not to be coerced into aiding and abetting the US by allowing it to use the facilities at Pine Gap for its NMD program.

    (Letters to be sent to Australian Prime Minister Howard and Foreign Minister Downer)

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