Press Report on Feltwell (UK) Protest

October 9 2000

East Anglian Daily Times

CAMPAIGNERS against nuclear arms held a vigil outside an American air base which they claim is being used as a U.S. spy base.

Members of the Suffolk Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament gathered outside the main gate at RAF Feltwell near Lakenheath for the three-hour protest on Saturday.

They erected a number of large placards brandishing the slogan "Star Wars threaten world peace" and distributed leaflets to 100 houses in the area.

Co-ordinator Peter Lanyon claimed facilities at the base, such as deep space tracking, would be used as part of the proposed U.S. National Missile Defence (NMD) project. He believes the NMD could provide the U.S. alone with the ability to detect and destroy missiles aimed at their country, while they are still in space. He said, "This proposal will breach all international arms limitation agreements and may seriously destabilise the world into starting another nuclear arms race." "This stuff at Feltwell, adding to the threat implied by the nuclear weapons deployed down the road at R.A.F. Lakenheath, makes the U.S. presence in East Anglia doubly criminal." "Our vigil shows both the U.S. and our own government what we think about NMD. It raised lots of interest and I think there is no doubt that the message went home", he added.

No-one from RAF Lakenheath, headquarters of RAF Feltwell, was available for comment.

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