Protest in Vancouver, Canada

October 10 2000

From: Joyce Lydiard []

On the morning of October 7 Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) BC Branch, Canada, held a public gathering where David Morgan, National President of Veterans Against Nuclear Arms (VANA), gave a presentation on missile defence/offence.

Following the lively question and answer session the group proceeded to a 'busy Saturday' section of Vancouver where an information table was set up. There was an eye catching display of a miniature space ship with colourful star wars balloons sending messages to 'Keep Space for Peace' and 'Say NO to NMD'. The Rainforest Raging Grannies sang their anti nuclear and anti globalization/militarization songs to the delight of the crowd.

Information literature as well as anti NMD post cards addressed to Prime Minister Chrétien were distributed. It was a highly successful event - many people who had never heard of BMD/NMD/TMD stopped to talk and ask for more information, and to make the link between globalization and militarism.

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