Brief Report on Vandenberg Protest

29 June 2009

From: MacGregor Eddy

People at the protest aged from 19 to 84, some members of WILPF, some from Veterans for Peace, some from Western States Legal Foundation and even a film critic from Los Angles!

About 30 people from all over California and ranging from 19 to 85 met at the front gate of Vandenberg at midnight to protest the ICBM launch set for 3 am.

Japanese Network Television covered the protest in depth but the US newspapers just reprinted the VAFB press release.

 JC Orton of the Berkeley Catholic Worker coordinated the Green Tortoise bus that went from Oakland/Santa Cruz/Salinas/Santa Maria and then back.  The Green Tortoise charter bus was VERY comfortable and the company was great to us.  The gave us a good price and good
service.  The donations covered the entire cost of the charter, thank you everyone.

The base was very different from the past years, no black coverings, no MP's visible, no photographers, no snow fencing, and no arrests. I was like this on May 5 as well.   On inside report about the reason is that the new base commander (David J Buck)  has ordered that
peace protesters be left alone.  We will see what happens in the future.

Andrew Lichterman's speech was both moving and chilling.

Beautiful banner in the night in front of Vandenberg Space command as a Minuteman III ICBM is launched to Kwajalein atoll in the Marshall Islands.

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