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Brochure (2007)

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Keep Space for Peace Week 2013 Poster

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Space Videos:

The Ghosts of Jeju | The Necessity of Conversion | War from Space? | The Battle for America's Soul | A Space 4 Peace | Arsenal of Hypocricy | Star Wars Returns

on-line videos

The Ghosts of Jeju

Purchase for $20 from

A Space 4 Peace

Global Network and WILPF member MacGregor Eddy has produced this updated 30-minute video of Space 4 Peace.

Edited by Dan Reilly in California, the film covers key Global Network issues through commentary from activists Loring Wirbel, Jackie Cabasso, Helen Caldicott, and former Pentagon official Phillip Coyle. Short comments include visuals that weave together the story of the Pentagon's plan for "full spectrum dominance" via space technology.  The film documents the fact that the U.S. has already militarized space, and that Ballistic "Missile Defense" is really about creating an offensive first-strike attack system.

There is also important footage in the new documentary that looks at Kwajalein Atoll in the Pacific as it was used by the U.S. in the past to test atomic weapons, and how it is used now to test Star Wars systems.  The film also shows images of world-wide demonstrations against the militarization and weaponization of space. A viewing of this film would surely stimulate discussion, and will lead many to want to take action.

The cost is $15 each (includes all shipping/handling).  For outside the U.S. please add an additional $5.

The Necessity of the Conversion of the Military Industrial Complex
Video of Bruce Gagnon's Speech at Chautauqua, N.Y.

A new one-hour video of a speech by Bruce Gagnon at the Chautauqua Institution on July 4, 2006.

The video, produced by Snowshoe Films, has been created for airing on local cable TV stations and for showing to local groups.

In the talk Gagnon discusses the U.S. occupation of Iraq, the use of space technology to direct modern warfare, Bush's new offensive national space policy directive, and a transformative vision of economic conversion for ending America's addiction to militarism and endless war.

The talk was hosted by the Chautauqua Society for Peace and Social Justice. The video ends with bonus coverage of footage of Gagnon being interviewed on two different radio shows while at Chautauqua.

The video sells for $13 (includes shipping/handling).  If ordering from outside the U.S. please pay $15 USD.

View here

The video is a report on the space events organized by the Global Network during the World Peace Forum held in Vancouver, Canada in late June. Filmmaker Eric Herter documented  the various presentations organized by the GN and put together this compilation.  The video is centered around a speech made by well-known Canadian author/activist Mel Hurtig and intersperses presentations by other key space activists from around the world.

Many of the presentations feature graphic illustrations that give insight into how the aerospace industry is today structured, how space technology will be used to give the U.S. "control and domination" of the heavens, examples of what roles particular bases have in the Star Wars scheme, and some illustrations of local resistance.  The video is also designed for local placement on cable access TV stations in your community.

The video sells for $13 (includes shipping/handling).  If ordering from outside the U.S. please pay $15 USD.

The Battle for America's Soul

Sorry! Sold Out!

The Global Network has a new one hour video called "The Battle for America's Soul" based on a 2005 speech by GN Coordinator Bruce Gagnon. The speech was delivered at the Emmanual Mennonite Church in Gainesville, Florida during a speaking tour across that state.

The one-hour video covers the mythology of America, corruption within the military industrial complex, plans for U.S. control of space, the corporate destruction of the American economy, America's addiction to weapons and war, and concludes with a transformative vision for the nation.

The high quality nature of the production makes this video especially good for showing on local cable TV stations.  Purchase of the video automatically comes with the GN's permission to show it in any venue.

The video can be obtained in either VHS ($18 includes s/h) or DVD format ($20 includes s/h). (Please be sure to specify which you prefer.) Make checks payable to Global Network and send to address below.

Arsenal of Hypocrisy:
The Space Program and the Military Industrial Complex

"Arsenal of Hypocrisy has been accepted into the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2004."
Renata Lorenc
Marketing & Admissions Director
NYIIFVF, Independent Film Quarterly, ITN Distribution"
New York International Independent Film and Video Festival 2004

View online here

You may now order the newly produced video called Arsenal of Hypocrisy that features GN Coordinator Bruce Gagnon, Noam Chomsky and Apollo 14 astronaut Edgar Mitchell talking about the dangers of moving the arms race into space.  The one-hour production features archival footage, Pentagon documents, and clearly outlines the U.S. plan to "control and dominate" space and the Earth below.  The video spells out the dangers of the Bush "Nuclear Systems Initiative" that will expand the use of nuclear power in space by building Project Prometheus -- the nuclear rocket.

Mitchell, the 6th man to walk on the moon, warns that a war in space would create massive bits of space junk that would create a mine field surrounding the Earth making it virtually impossible to launch anything into the heavens.  Mitchell calls space a fragile environment that must be protected.

Noam Chomsky talks about how the U.S. intends to use space technology to control the Earth and reminds the viewer that the U.S. refuses to negotiate a global ban on weapons in space.  He also speaks about the role of the media in suppressing this important issue.

The video contains archival sound of President Dwight Eisenhower in 1961 warning the American people about the power of the military industrial complex.

Arsenal of Hypocrisy was produced by filmmaker Randy Atkins from Gainesville, Florida.

Send $23 (covers shipping/handling)
to the GN at
the address below.

Available from

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Hear Bruce Gagnon's one hour speech entitled "Militarization of Space" that he delivered in April, 2003 in Southern California while on tour there.  This speech has been aired on radio stations across the U.S.  Send $12 (includes posting/shipping)
to the GN
at the address below


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Now available from the Global Network:

Order a signed copy of the 2008 republished version of Bruce Gagnon's new book for $18.00 (includes s/h ....
($15.00 each for orders of 10 books or more. 
Please contact the GN office at
the address below for details)

Read the review by David Swanson at AfterDowningStreetorg


Loring Wirbel connects about as many dots in 155 pages as is humanly possible.  It is a bit of an insiders book, but it deserves a much wider audience than that.  If our political reality is to change more people have to know what is really going on.  The book is available at on-line at Amazon, from bookstores or from the GN - send $15 (includes s/h)  - see order details.

Here's what the book cover says:

"Star Wars: US Tools of Space Supremacy provides a fresh look at the role of space as an enabler of the Bush administration's plans for endless preventive war.  It debunks the benign notions of missile defence, and expands the definition of space supremacy beyond that of weapons in space, to include the unilateral misuse of space-based intelligence, communications, and targeting technologies.

Loring Wirbel shows how space militarization forms a key part of the explicit unilateral empire-building of the Bush administration.  The book is also a stark reminder that preventive war theory did not originate with Donald Rumsfeld. First used as a term by Reagan, 'Star Wars' was an idea rooted in the Cold War.  Wirbel argues that the current space supremacy doctrine was first developed in the immediate aftermath of the Cold War, in the early days of the Clinton administration.  Giving a historical overview of governmental policies through the 1980s and 1990s to the present, Wirbel shows that 'Star Wars' is an idea that never went away.

Examining the evolution of space-based technology, and the way it is now used in a variety of settings including intelligence operations and on-the- ground military campaigns, this is a comprehensive critical guide to the real aims and capabilities of US space technology and the missile defence program.

Loring Wirbel has been involved in military conversion and peace work for 25 years, and has studied technical intelligence and civil liberties issues for nearly as long.  He is currently editorial director for communications initiatives at CMP Media LLC, headquartered in New York and London.  He has worked for daily newspapers in the US southwest, and has held key positions in leading technology publications such as Electronic Engineering Times."

Pluto Press,  London - Sterling, VA


The Wrong Stuff Read the excellent expose by journalist Karl Grossman called "The Wrong Stuff: The Space Program's Nuclear Threat To Our Planet." This hardback sells for $8 (includes s/h) and is an excellent resource for anyone wanting to know more about what NASA and the Pentagon are planning in space.

Unfortunately we no longer have any in stock - to order please go to:

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Get one of our new bumperstickers for your car.

Pick either "No Weapons in Space" or "Keep Space for Peace". Or get both! Send $1 each plus a self addressed stamped envelope to the GN today (send an extra 33 cents if you don't send a stamp)

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Order our new CD entitled
"NO Space Wars: Songs for Peace in Space"
All profits from the CD will benefit the GN.

Among those performing their space songs on the CD are Holly Gwinn Graham (Olympia, WA), Tom Cobb (Bedford, MA), Stacy Studebaker (Kodiak Island, Alaska), Tom Neilson (Leverett, MA), Joel Landy (New York City), Hugh Blumenfeld (Coventry, CT), and Lynda Williams (Sebastopol, CA).

Copies of the CD can be ordered for $6 (includes s/h) from the GN or purchased on-line via our Donate Now button.

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The new Global Network "Free the Sky"
 t-shirt sells for $10 each (includes s/h).

Sizes come in S-M-L-XL-XXL from the GN or purchased on-line via our Donate Now button.

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Order one of our new space organizers packets and we will send you a complete set of Air Force documents, news clips, and other useful articles that will help you to be able to get right to work in your community. Send $7 (includes s/h) to the GN.

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Send your check or money order to:

Global Network, PO Box 652,
Brunswick, ME04011

and we will ship your order back to you right away

Call (207) 443-9502
if you have any questions.

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