Kodiak Protests Missile Defense Testing at EIS Scoping Hearing

April 17 2002

PO Box 970, Kodiak, AK  99615
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A scoping meeting for an Environmental Impact Statement for missile
defense testing at the controversial Kodiak Launch Complex (KLC) on Kodiak Island, Alaska, turned into a spontaneous demonstration against the use of the KLC for missile defense.  Local citizens were outraged that meeting organizers would not allow an open forum of question and answer so they took control of the meeting and turned it into a two hour open and constructive discussion between residents and representatives of the Missile Defense Agency.

According to Mike Sirofchuck, a spokesperson for the Kodiak Rocket Launch Information Group, "It was clear from the discussion that Kodiak residents do not want missile silos or increased missile defense testing at the KLC. Also, locals are especially concerned about the shallow earthquake faults running directly beneath the KLC and the potential for a major earthquake in that area and the subsequent damage and possible spill of toxic materials related to missile launches."

"What we need is some legitimate citizen oversight of the KLC" said Stacy Studebaker, another member of the KRLIG . "The oil industry and state have invested in maintaining Regional Citizens Advisory Committees that oversee the oil industry operations in Cook Inlet and Prince William Sound. The people of Kodiak deserve the same system from the aerospace industry."

Contact: Stacy Studebaker, Kodiak - 907-486-6498
Steve Cleary, Anchorage -   907-278-3661


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