October 2010
Keep Space for Peace Week Actions

Seminar held at Bansal  Institute of Science and Technology,
Bhopal, India, 12 October 2010

Brief Report available here

Menwith Hill Spy Base and Missile Defence Relay Station, England

The Launch of ...

Fylingdales Missile Defense Radar, England


Kirtland AFB in Albuquerque, NM

New York, NY
From: Nydia Leaf: Here's a photo of the action yesterday on 42nd Street where we distributed over 325 flyers.  I will put one in the mail for you.  Anne Gibbons made the orange poster.  Tom Gogan and she were great helpers.

Jeju Island

Bruce Gagnon at Dorothy Day Catholic Workers, Washington DC

Southwest Catholic Worker gathering outside Raytheon plant
 in Tucson, Arizona

Walpole, Ma

Star Wars protest at  Raytheon Solipsys, Hawaii
Fred Dente had a letter in the local Paper - The Garden Island on October 8th
and anoher on October 11th.

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