Keep Space for Peace Week

International Days of Protest to Stop the Militarization of Space

October 1 - 8 2006

No Weapons in Space!
Stop Star Wars Research & Development!
Convert the Military Industrial Complex!
Fund Human Needs

Global Network Against Weapons & Nuclear Power in Space
Women’s Int’l League for Peace & Freedom
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October 1-8
(list in formation)

  1. Albuquerque, NM (Oct 4 Showing of War from Space video, Peace & Justice Center 7:00 pm) Bob Anderson
  2. Albuquerque, NM (Oct 7 Demonstration at Starfire anti-satellite laser weapon facility, Albuquerque Sunport 11:00 am) Bob Anderson
  3. Ashland, OR (Oct 6 Tabling on space issues at Amy Goodman event) Linda Richards
  4. Asheville, NC (Oct 4 Space video showing, North Asheville Library on Merrimon Ave 7:00 pm) Lewis Patrie
  5. Baltimore, MD (Oct 7 Protest the role of the Nat’l Security Agency at Ft Meade, 11:00 am)  Max Obuszewski
  6. Bath, Maine (October 7 vigil at Bath Iron Works Administration Building 11:30-12:30) Maureen/George Ostensen
  7. Beaverton, OR (Oct 2 Holly Gwinn Graham space songs performance at Southminster Presbyterian Church at 7:30 pm) Celeste Howard
  8. Bridgend, WALES, UK (Oct 3 Public showing War from Space video, Quaker Meeting House, 7:30 pm) Bridgend CND
  9. Brunswick, ME (Oct 1-8 Space video showing on local cable TV) Martha Spiess
  10. Buckley AFB, Aurora, CO (Oct 1 Demonstration 11 am-1 pm) Bill Sulzman download flyer (574 KB PDF file)
  11. Byron Bay, AUSTRALIA (Oct 1-8 Vigils and leafleting throughout the week) Gareth Smith
  12. Cambridge, MA (Oct 5 Public Forum/Space Video Showing at Central Square Branch Public Library, 6:00 pm) AFSC/WILPF
  13. Chennai, INDIA (Oct 3 assorted programmes on space weaponization)
  14. Colorado Springs, CO (Oct 5 Bannering at construction site of SI International 12-1 pm) Bill Sulzman
  15. Colorado Springs, CO (Oct 2 Bannering at New Life Church 10:30-11:30 am) Bill Sulzman
  16. Colorado Springs, CO (Oct 6 Bannering at Catholic Chancery 12-1 pm) Bill Sulzman
  17. Colorado Springs, CO (Rally at University of Colorado 12-1 pm) Bill Sulzman
  18. RAF Croughton, Brackley, ENGLAND (Oct 7 March & picnic at U.S. space communications base, 12-3 pm) download flyer (118 KB PDF file) Oxford CND
  19. Damascus, SYRIA (Sept 18 Forum War/Space & Human Security Issues, Syrian Physician’s Syndicate Hall) Ghassan Shahrour, MD
  20. Darmstadt, GERMANY (Leafleting TBA)
  21. Davis, CA, UC Davis, ARC Pavilion (Oct 5 Public forum from 7-9 pm) David Dionisi
  22. Fayetteville, AR (Oct 1-8 Space videos shown on local Cable TV) Casey Milford
  23. Ft Lauderdale, FL (War from Space Video showing, Date/time TBA) Arlyne Goodwin
  24. Fylingdales BMD Radar, Yorkshire, ENGLAND (Oct 1 Demonstration) download flyer
  25. Hendersonville, NC (Oct 8 Space video showing Time/Place TBA) Lewis Patrie
  26. Lake Worth, FL (Oct 7 Leafletting on Lake Worth Beach, 2-3 pm) Palm Beach County WILPF & Palm Beach County Peace and Justice Coalition Susan Mosely
  27. London, ENGLAND (Oct 18 Parliamentary Meeting on “Missile Defence & the Weaponization of Space – Why Britain’s Role Must Be Challenged”, at House of Commons) Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament download flyer
  28. Menwith Hill NSA Spy Base, Yorkshire, ENGLAND (Oct 7 Demonstration)
  29. Minneapolis, MN (Launch of Keep Space for Peace week with "Social Evening for Disarmament" Sept 30, featuring three leaders of national WILPF DISARM campaign participating in Stop the Merchants of Death Conference Sept. 29 to Oct. 2 in Twin Cities). Leslie Reindl,
  30. Minneapolis, MN (Oct 1 Workshop on space issues at Stop the Merchants of Death Conference) Loring Wirbel & MacGregor Eddy
  31. Nagpur, INDIA(Oct 7-10 assorted programmes on space weaponization)
  32. Naples, FL (War from Space Video showing, Date/time TBA) Arlyne Goodwin
  33. Nationwide in U.S. (October postcard campaign supporting U.S. Congress H. R. 2420 banning weapons in space) U.S. WILPF. Contact Kate Zaiden
  34. New Delhi, INDIA (Oct 11 – 12 assorted programmes on space weaponization)
  35. Nome AK (Oct 3 Space video showing at Beltz High School, plus teaching about Peace in Space issues in Junior High and High School reading classes all week long) Lynn DeFilippo
  36. Nome, AK (Oct 5 Space Video showing, 7:00 pm Location TBA) Lynn DeFilippo
  37. Omaha, NE (Oct 10-12 Protest outside Strategic Space & Defense 2006 Conference, Omaha is home of Strategic Command – StratCom) Tim Rinne and Nebraska Greens - more details
  38. Perth (Central), Western AUSTRALIA (Oct 3 TBA) People for Nuclear Disarmament
  39. Portland, OR (Oct 3 Holly Gwinn Graham space songs performance at Multnomah Friends Meeting at 7:00 pm) Carol Urner
  40. Portland, OR (Oct 5 Portland Community College Peace Studies discussion on Keeping Space for Peace, 12-1 pm) Carol Urner
  41. Portland, OR (WILPF post card signing, vigil, leafleting and Congressional office visits in support of a ban on space weapons and militarization, 12 noon October 4 on Pioneer Square) Georgia Pinkel
  42. Raipur, INDIA (Oct 6 assorted programmes on space weaponization)
  43. Sacramento Valley (WILPF and Peace Action) Oct 5 leafleting at 11th and K Streets, Sacramento Sacramento Peace Action
  44. Schriever AFB, CO (Oct 3 Bannering 3:30-4:30 pm) Bill Sulzman
  45. Tallahassee, FL (Oct 1 Anti-Space war demo 12:30-2:30 pm at Old Capitol) Tom Baxter
  46. Tallahassee, FL (Oct 8 Anti-Space war demo 12:30-2:30 pm at Old Capitol) Tom Baxter
  47. Tokyo, JAPAN (Oct 6 Public seminar on “Demilitarization of space and missile defense” 6:30 pm at Bunkyo civic center) No to Nuclear & Missile Defense Campaign
  48. Toledo, OH (Daily Vigil at Kabuki site, Madison & St. Clair for one hour) Roz Marovitz
  49. Traverse City, MI (Leafleting throughout month of October & Oct 19 Space video showing at Grace Episcopal Church) Carol Still
  50. Tucson, AZ (Oct 6 Community vegetarian supper/Raging Grannies sing/space video) WILPF Pat Birnie
  51. Vandenberg Air Force Base , CA (Oct 7 Demonstration front gate 1-3pm) speakers,, download flyer (737 KB PDF file)
  52. Visakhapatnam, INDIA (Oct 4-5 assorted programmes on space weaponization)
  53. Washington DC (Oct 2 White House Vigil) Art Laffin
  54. Washington DC (Oct 6 Pentagon Vigil) Art Laffin
  55. Winnipeg, Manitoba, CANADA (Peace Alliance Winnipeg, TBA) Margie Warner


Please contact these people directly to negotiate speaking dates, travel expenses, etc. during the week of local actions. They all have considerable expertise on the space issue.

(These fine singers/songwriters have space songs and other good political music)


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